2005.12.08 - The Word of God at the .... martyr Catherine


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2005.12.08 - The Word of God at the feast of the saint martyr Catherine


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2005.12.08. 1 The Word of God 1 at the feast of the saint martyr Catherine 2 I wait to come into the book and to share the Spirit of comfort with My people and a strengthening spirit from it from which there come out joys for those in heaven in a holy com- munion with those who are the longing of the heaven on earth for I said that the speaking of My word is My comfort and food and of My saints and angels. Amen. I strengthen My entrance with My power and I give you My people a strengthening spirit born of the spirit of comfort and again I ask you with a great waiting to feed on great word from Me so that you may be strengthened through it and that it may go well with you on earth for your good and Mine does not come from nowhere for Me and for you but from your love for My com- ing from your seeking after heavenly fellowship because if you are embraced with the heaven it will go well with you on earth because the heaven is the place of happiness and of rest and I ask you My people to keep it into your midst so that we may keep warm with each other and so that the joy of the heaven from you may be true and that you may rejoice the saints in such a way they may also help you My people. The feast of today has been waiting with longing to comfort you with its word My word and the word of My saints. It is a day of love for the saints because the saints are only love and My days with you are their way and of their love of My saints who come down on earth once with My coming My people. Oh the love of the saints is great and you should seek after them as they also seek after you for without saints and without angels near you it would be difficult with you even if you cannot perceive the mystery of this truth son. Oh take care of the way you spend and the way you speak with the saints to give them life and a dwelling place with you and paths with help on them all around you but you should be very grateful to God and to His saints for you are now My child because through such love and gratitude you will be with the heaven and it will take care of you and it will cover you it will give you food and comfort and it will remove from your face everything that is not heavenly on earth for on earth it is the darkness in which the man perishes and you are comprised within the light of My word and you need great love on the way of the light My people. The feast of today embraces you in the light of its teaching for the martyr Catherine was My light upon those in the darkness in which the man perishes and she gave Me the fruit of the work of My light in her and I gave her a crown of holy love and she worked on earth under the glory received by the gift of her love for this is how are being crowned those who love with My love in them My people. Amen. – My crown that which is put by Your hand on my head Lord of Your saints I put it before Your people bowing to it for Your love from it and lifting it up to the work of the glory of the crown of the saints who confessed You by their blood by their confession Lord and Bridegroom of Your saints. With reverence I am speaking to Your people of today the word of the Scriptures which says that within Your kingdom the flesh and blood cannot inherit but only if they confess for God becoming love only for You in man and not life of the man in man Lord. Oh people of the grace in which the Lord protects you to have you and to make you after His likeness The flesh and blood do not inherit the kingdom of God but they rather dwell in man as sinful flesh against the heavenly love inside the man. This wisdom by which I am speaking to 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery Glodeni – Romania redactor note. 2 Translated by I.A.

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2005.12.08. 2 you people of the mysteries of above has great depth. The flesh and blood need to have confessing work before God as I worked against the ruler of the darkness in which the man perishes. When the body lusts against the spirit the flesh and the blood start this war for the fleshly man does not lust after the Spirit of the Lord inside him and the satanic spirit does not have to wage war against the fleshly man which has his helm in his flesh and blood in his fleshly nature by which it will have his will against the Spirit of God in man. Such wisdom I have overflowed by my confession in the spirit of the wise people of the earth who have their wills and their minds as their masters and they receiving fire and longing in them by the wisdom of my spirit they gave up the fruit of lying and fought for them even against their own self by my confession about the kingdom in which the man settles after he overcomes his flesh and blood the corruptible nature which has always tried to reign in man always preventing him from self denial which the Bridegroom Christ has required from all those who have wanted to go on the way of the new life by confession. The way of the Lord is a way with confession in it and he who does not have it and does not work out the spirit that confesses that one has not reached to self denial the measure which Christ the Bride- groom of the saints asks from those who love the mystery and the work of the eternal life on the way of this kingdom. Oh sons of God and of His word you should know that the devil does not make war against those who put away God’s will for their wills but he is caught in the trap of those who love God with much faith and great humility of their spirit before the Lord and before His coming forever. We the great and the small saints have prevailed against the devil by the faith and by the confes- sion of Jesus Christ the Bridegroom of His saints and there where the devil does not find any work against him then he can work there by man’s will who had not prevailed against his own nature and has nothing to fight against. However the saints have chosen the Lord’s will by the confession of their faith which the spirit of the devil could not stand that is the adversary of God in man. The one who does not confesses God that one confesses his own dwelling in him but the Lord is confessed by the saints just as I the disciple and then the martyr of His name removed from their thrones those who were great and many who until my confession upon them had reigned in them not giving any work to the devil the ruler over those who are kept in the darkness by which the man perishes. However I had strengthened them in the confession of their faith until they could overcome escaping from the gehenna of the eternal perdition and longingly I gave them to my beloved Lord after He with great love and longing was well pleased with Me by giving me the gifts of His grace which is a crown for the saints. Amen. Dear Bridegroom give them the love of the bride for I bow down with the crown on my head before Your people for Your love for him raising it to a great work of the grace of the Holy Spirit after he has greatly worked out Your calling over its entire body because You have told to the one who wants to come after You to deny himself. This wisdom is for the saints and the same is its work Lord and Bridegroom of Your saints who have in them the gift of the love of the Holy Spirit the Spirit Who confesses His sons. Amen. See the selection topic: „The Wedding of the Lamb” r.n. I want to tell you from among the saints not to leave over God people of waiting. The Lord has gathered you in small bunch only for Him. Do not forget about this mercy and do not forget that you owe mercy because out of mercy for the Lord many of His loved ones have brought Him this great obedience praised love and confession by fruit as I had also loved Him forgetting about myself because of my mercy for Him because of my longing for Him for my love for Him. Amen amen amen.

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2005.12.08. 3 – Oh how greatly the saints speak with you My people What an unfathomable mystery by the natural mind of man they have brought to you bowing to you with My glory in them Oh My people do not forget to stay awake in love to be a speaking to be the work of Holy Spirit for the grace and the truth have come with Me to you and I measure their work for you and I wait to have greatness in you just as I had in the saints who by suffering in their body confessed Me and brought Me a hundredfold fruit. I want My people to be the fruit of My grace and truth by which I come to you. The saints have been looking moment by moment to you and they have been waiting for Me and for you and they have been waiting from the earth so that I may be able to work and the whole nature has been waiting for you too My people. I would release upon you its sighing for your mercy to bring forth fruit and to have fruit every moment because I together with the heaven of saints and angels and all those who have been waiting for seven thousand years have been waiting for your mercy and those who are merciful to the heaven will be given mercy My people. Amen amen amen. 08-12-2005

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