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In architecture, postmodernism can be understood as a reaction to the Modernist Movement of the early twentieth century. The shift from modernism to postmodernism in architecture can be captured in the following two statements:

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“Less is more.” (Mies van der Rohe, modernist architect) “Less is a bore.” (Robert Venturi, postmodern architect)

John Outram (1988; London) :

John Outram (1988; London)

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F rank G ehry's “ T ancici D um" (dancing building /also known as “Fred and Ginger” ) (1992-1996; Prague)

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Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto;1933 and 2007)

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The Eisner Building designed by Michael Graves , featur ing the Seven Dwarfs .

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T he Erechthium at Athens, which has columns sculpted into the form of female figures.

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