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10 Strategies for Success on Multiple-Choice Exams:

10 Strategies for Success on Multiple-Choice Exams

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For the day of the test NOT a substitute for knowing the material Study Skills Help at: Learning Resource Center

1. Arrive Early:

1. Arrive Early DO bring all materials DO pick a good seat DON’T talk about the test DON’T cram DO keep your ears open to the professor

2. Brain Dump:

2. Brain Dump Once the test begins Write down key information Formulas Mnemonic devices Roy G Biv Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet

3. Preview the Test:

3. Preview the Test Carefully read instructions Note # of questions # of points per question Budget your time

4. Anticipate the Answer:

4. Anticipate the Answer Cover the answers Answer in your own words Look for the answer choice like yours Who was the 16 th president of the United States? Martin Luther King, Jr. Bill Clinton Abraham Lincoln George Washington Abe Lincoln?

5. Watch for Trigger Words:

5. Watch for Trigger Words Negative or Absolute words all, except, most, least, not, never, always, only Underline or circle Which of the following is NOT one of the original names of MSU? State Agricultural College Michigan Agricultural College Michigan Agricultural University Michigan State University of Agriculture and Applied Science

6. Read ALL Answer Choices:

6. Read ALL Answer Choices Add a + , - , or ? Avoid selecting an answer too soon Which of the following states borders Michigan? Pennsylvania Ohio Indiana Both b and c - + + +

7. Answer Easy Questions First:

7. Answer Easy Questions First Easy = you know the answer Build confidence Warm you up and help you remember difficult material

8. Save Hard Questions:

8. Save Hard Questions Mark questions you can’t answer right away Go back at the end Later questions might help

9. Answer ALL Questions:

9. Answer ALL Questions Use the process of elimination (+, -, ?) Make your best guess If you don’t lose points for wrong answers, you’re always better off answering all questions.

10. Use ALL Time:

10. Use ALL Time If you finish early Check your answers Re-read the instructions Make sure you caught all trigger words

10 Strategies:

10 Strategies Arrive early Brain dump Preview the test Anticipate the answer Watch for trigger words 6. Read ALL answer choices 7. Answer easy questions first 8. Save hard questions 9. Answer ALL questions 10. Use ALL time Which strategies might help you ?