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Freedom of Speech is concommitant to Right to Information- Protect the Sanctity of INTERNET. :

Freedom of Speech is concommitant to Right to Information- Protect the Sanctity of INTERNET. Bijay Kumar Sharma Retired Professor & HOD,ECE,NITP, Presently doing Research in IITP. [email protected]


GUTENBERG REVOLUTION Gutenburg Revolution, the Second Information Revolution , gave rise to the rotating type Printing Press. “Printing Liberated people’s mind by enabling the widespread dissemination of knowledge and opinion. But it remained subject to censorship and worse

Television & its constraints:

Television & its constraints Television shrank the planets into Marshall Mclean’s “global village” but the representation it diffused were tightly controlled by editors, corporations, advertisers and governments.”

Internet & its potential:

Internet & its potential The net in contrast provides the first totally unrestricted , totally uncensored communication system-ever. It is a living embodiment of an open market in ideas. Its patron saint is Thomas Paine, the great 18 th century libertarian who advanced the remarkable idea that everyone had a right to speak his mind and the even more notion that they had a right to be heard.”

Communication fueled Empowerment:

Communication fueled Empowerment “Net is potentially more powerful than both printing and TV because Net harnesses the intellectual leverage which printing gave to the man-kind without being hobbled by the one to many broadcast television.”

Tunisia-the land of contrasts:

Tunisia-the land of contrasts The internet connectivity was so good that in Tunisia 34% of the population had access to Internet and 15% population was using the Facebook . Due to two decades of exploitation and corruption there was 14% unemployment in general public and 30% unemployment in the youth in 18 to 30 years age group.

Exposures by Wiki Leaks Cables:

Exposures by Wiki Leaks Cables The Wiki leaks Cables revealed: the corruption, The opulence and The decadence within the Ben Ali Family who ruled Tunisia with iron hand till yesterday.

Government Cenorship:

Government Cenorship Before the Tunisian uprising there was a cyber war between the Government Censors and the Net Activists. The censors tried to block all the Wiki Leaks Cables coming from outside. In retaliation the Net Activists set up a

Retaliation by the ‘Anonymous’:

Retaliation by the ‘Anonymous’ The blocked cables from Wiki Leaks were collected and translated by this site and made available to the common public through proxy servers . virtual private networks and encryption. Images of violent suppression uploaded via thousands of YouTube clips, often relayed on Al Jazeera , were watched by angry citizens who coordinated protests with tens of thousands of Twitter messages an hour.

The SPARK & The Prairie Fire:

The SPARK & The Prairie Fire Mohamed Bouazizi , a university graduate, set himself on fire in protest after police confiscated his unlicensed fruit and vegetable cart. Self-immolation caused a massive protest which could not be quelled even after the death of 100 protestors. the army mutinied and regime fell.

What is the fault of Wiki Leaks :

What is the fault of Wiki Leaks In the last decade its political elites have been shown to be incompetent (Ireland, the US and UK in not regulating banks); corrupt (all governments in relation to the arms trade); recklessly militaristic (the US and UK in Iraq).

Establishment is not called to account:

Establishment is not called to account Instead they obfuscated, lied or blustered their way through. And when, finally, the veil of secrecy is lifted, the reflex reaction is to kill the messenger”. [“The establishment vs the Web”, courtesy Guardian Newspaper Limited, 2010] The messenger is Julian Assenge .

Future Strategy of the Establishment:

Future Strategy of the Establishment Two laws have been proposed in USA, House of Representatives and House of Senate.: They are ‘Stop on-line Piracy Act’(SOPA) and ‘Protect IP ACT’(PIPA). SOPA and PIPA is a procedure to blacklist inconvenient websites and censor them.

joint petition to the Congress:

joint petition to the Congress The internet and the facilitation in e-commerce , e-banking and scientific publications have resulted in 3.4% contribution to nation’s GDP in about 13 countries. In USA it is still more.

Joint Petition continued:

Joint Petition continued Internet has increased the productivity of small and medium sized businesses by as much as 10%. Old fashion companies want to maintain the status quo and have been strongly lobbying for maintaining old models of distribution and profit.

Joint petition continued:

Joint petition continued If SOPA and PIPA are enacted then it is going to crimp the economic growth and stifle the new ventures and new models.

Reaction of Barak Obama:

Reaction of Barak Obama US Government will not support legislation that reduces freedom of expression, increases cybersecurity risk or undermines the dynamic, innovative GLOBAL INTERNET.

Our Solemn Duty for protecting our freedom of speech and Right to Information:

Our Solemn Duty for protecting our freedom of speech and Right to Information To oppose SOPA and PIPA tooth and nail If SOPA and PIPA are enacted India will follow suit And enact copy cat laws.

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