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How would you like to get control of your life and find balance with everything you do? Would you like to be happier ? Make smarter decisions ?

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And what if you could get more done in less time or increase your confidence ? Or perhaps get along better with your parents? Or even improve your relationships with your friends?

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Then join us in the upcoming sessions of:

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You may be able to use these s essions in place of an assignment in your course.

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Join Us: Monday (3/5) at 11am and 7:30pm Covering Intro and Habit 1 Thursday (3/8) at 11am and 7:30pm Habits 2 and 3 Monday (3/12) 11am and 7:30pm Habits 4 and 5 Thursday (3/15) 11am and 7:30pm Habits 6 and 7 Be on your way to success !! *** Don’t forget to ask your teacher what assignments will be covered in each session. Remember, each session counts for 1 assignment in your course, so if you attend all 4 sessions you can complete 4 assignments!!!! It is a “Win Win !” You get to complete work while learning how to organize all aspects of your life!!!!

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