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Explore the Big data courses of IIHT that is handcrafted to meet the industry requirements. The Big data online course trains on the niche technologies of big data with its unique learning methodology. In the Big data training module, the skilled learners will be exposed to the live interactive sessions with real-time projects for hands-on experience. Visit:


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Definition Big data is data that contains greater variety arriving in increasing volumes and with ever-higher velocity. In short it is the combination of 3 Vs. The 3 Vs are: Velocity Volume Variety


Applications of Big data Banking & Securities Communications, Media and Entertainment Healthcare Providers Education Manufacturing and Resources


What you will learn in IIHT Big Data Hadoop Introduction to Big Data Introduction to Hadoop Hadoop Architecture Deep Dive MapReduce Framework Fault Tolerance YARN Hadoop Installation MapReduce programming in Java Hadoop Multi-Node Installation Data Analytics Data Science and Data mining Predictive Modelling and Time Series Machine Learning and Decision Trees Big Data Visualisation Neural Networks and Cluster Analysis Time Forecasting Stophastic Models Data Quality and Outlier Treatment Optimization Analytics


IIHT is the pioneer in providing Big data training technologies. The students will be exposed to the unique live Interactive sessions where the students will be given access to the IIHT’s highly acclaimed learning management system, where they will be working on real-time projects for better hands-on experience in a simulated platform the first of its kind. Blended Learning


Job Roles Big Data Architect Hadoop Developer Data Scientist Data Analyst Machine Learning Engineers MIS Reporting Executive Data Mining Analyst


About IIHT IIHT is a leading IT talent transformation company and a technology evangelist in the retail and enterprise space. Having dedicated over two decades in creating learning paths for freshers and professionals that are closely aligned with the demands of the IT industry, IIHT has truly been a pioneer in technology training. At IIHT, we recognize the requirements of the IT industry and work towards tackling challenges that prevent the growth of both the enterprise and its workforce. All of IIHT’s courses are well designed, adopting a convenient and thorough stack approach for IT job aspirants who need training to be job ready and for IT professionals waiting to progress in their careers. By adopting blended learning, a live and interactive virtual classrooms, IIHT’s reach has now gone even beyond borders


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