Bi Diamonds Regarding the Cost Appreciation of Oval Cut Diamond

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Professionals from Bi Diamonds, describes the methods of price appreciation of expensive diamonds and other oval cut diamond.


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Bi Diamonds Regarding the Cost Appreciation of Oval Cut Diamond:

Bi Diamonds Regarding the Cost Appreciation of Oval Cut Diamond Professionals from Bi Diamonds, describes the methods of price appreciation of expensive diamonds and other oval cut diamond . Experts have selected the category of colored expensive diamonds and there outcomes on price of the real diamonds to describe different prices of diamonds for all the diamond lovers. There are many methods for price appreciation of expensive diamonds. As outlined by bi diamonds , Price appreciation of expensive diamonds is obtained from a traditional analysis of selected categories of colored diamonds, rather than general real diamonds in general and definitely not on individual gems, where by most price exceptions come about. Price appreciation is done after a complete analysis of expert's studies. Short of the full assessment of various diamonds for precise value, appreciation is as follows: White Diamonds White colored diamonds are the variety people usually think about and stand for 99.99% of all polished diamonds sold. The cheaper grade white- colored diamonds of any size display little to no potential for appreciation. Higher quality diamonds in the 1 to 2 carat weight size normally maintain their price against inflation. The larger 3, 5 and 10-carat white- colored diamonds of superior quality have indicated that at the least 8% to 11% compounded annual rates of return which has been there in the past a decade.

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Natural Colored Diamonds All-natural colored real diamonds, often known as fancy colored diamonds, have historically proven to be better investment opportunities as compared with white diamonds, because of their rarity and unique colors . In fact, they have never ever decreased in price over the past 30 years. As a testament to the rarity, only one-carat weight of natural colored diamonds will there be in each 100,000 carats of white- colored diamonds found. Fancy colored diamonds are found in all colors including blue, red, pink, green, purple, orange, black, brown and yellow. The colors are determined by varying components of trace minerals that become included in the chemical structure of the diamond as it is being formed in the earth. While white diamonds are generally valued for their lack of color , with noticeable colors of light brown or yellow really detracting from their charm and also worth, fancy colored diamonds become more captivating and even beneficial with increased saturations of color . The more color the higher quality. • Red Diamonds are the rarest of all colored diamonds. Depending on their size, (most are less than one carat), they are likely to double in less than 5 years. • Blue diamonds , one of the most rare of the fancy colored diamonds, have appreciated at a once a year compounded rate of 15% per year. At this rate of appreciation, an investment doubles each five-year. • Pink diamonds are also very rare and double in price every 6 to 7 years, providing a compounded appreciate rate of 10% to 12%. Some larger pink diamonds have appreciated at the same or greater rates than blue diamonds.

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• Yellow- colored diamonds double every 8 to 10 years or 7% to 9% compounded on an annual basis. • Brown diamonds are less expensive and not generally valued as investments. However, it has become more popular in jewelry due to aggressive marketing and appealing trade names as “Cognac” and “Champagne”. • Black diamonds are classified as the lowest priced and are not used for investment purposes, except they also have unusual characteristics. It has also become popular in modern-day jewelry . According to the expert from bi diamonds, it is not uncommon to pay at least $100,000 to over $1,000,000 per carat for a red, blue or pink natural colored diamond, depending on its size and color saturation. These incredible prices continued, because natural colored diamonds are very rare, attractive and proven best for buyers. To acquire more information regarding the round cut diamonds, go to - Article Resource -

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