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In the huge cluttered market the main challenge of every brand is to create that top of mind recall for itself. Many brands spends huge amount of money still fails to connect with their target audience. To leverage the communication channels brands needs to understand their consumers and connect with them creatively. This creative way starts from a great INSIGHT and further that insight conveyed in a beautiful way. This presentation covers some amazing campaigns where brands cracked the way to the heart of their target audience.



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What is an Insight?:

What is an Insight? Insight comes to life when it’s told in such a captivating way that makes consumers stop and say “hmm, I thought I was the only who felt like that”

Insight and Ads…:

Insight and Ads… The main Objective of any Advertising campaign is to connect with the Target audience. The Reason Behind Every Successful Campaign Is An Insight

Dove “Real Beauty”:

Dove “Real Beauty” Insight “Women in all shapes, sizes, look are still beautiful. Let’s stop idolizing the fake and start living in the real world. Let’s be happy with what we look like”. Women connected with this insight because they already felt that way, but were just glad someone was finally saying it.

Bournvita “Tayaari Jeet Ki”:

Bournvita “ Tayaari Jeet Ki ” Insight “Being prepared for every challenge”. Women connected with this insight because every mother dreams of her kid’s success. She is constantly striving to help her kid achieve and win.

Idea's – “Telephone Exchange”:

Idea's – “Telephone Exchange” Insight “Mobile phone is a true reflection of us and what’s going on in our life” People connected with this insight because in our daily stressful life we tend to forget to appreciate each others role in our life.

Tanishq – “Affordable diamonds”:

Tanishq – “Affordable diamonds” Insight “The purest form of love … brother-sister relationship” People connected with this insight because the person who loves a girl the most is her brother. Although they are bad at expressing but always find a way to make their sister feel special.

Coca-Cola “'Haan mein crazy hoon”:

Coca-Cola “' Haan mein crazy hoon ” Insight “Being kind to a stranger is often considered CRAZY'” People connected with this insight because the young generation today is much more open to doing something for others. They think beyond themselves and feel satisfied when they are the reason behind someone's Happiness.

PowerPoint Presentation:

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