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Rajasthan is a must-visit destination for every tourist who is in awe of forts and palaces filled with grandeur. With breathtaking sand dunes, royal architecture, this antique richness filled state is sure to make your trip an ever-lasting memory. This land of Kings is large in its area with the great


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Top 10 Places to Visit in Rajasthan:

Top 10 Places to Visit in Rajasthan Rajasthan is a must-visit destination for every tourist who is in awe of forts and palaces filled with grandeur. With breathtaking sand dunes, royal architecture, this antique richness filled state is sure to make your trip an ever-lasting memory. This land of Kings is large in its area with the great Thar Desert, colorful houses, and prideful native people adorned with big mustaches and turbans. This cultural potpourri containing glittering jewels, vibrant art, handicrafts and lip-smacking cuisine makes you carry a piece of Rajasthan in your heart. Take a look at these top 10 places in Rajasthan which make you understand the splendor of the bygone Rajput era.

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Jaipur : It is the first planned city to be built in India and is famous all over the world as pink city. The people painted their house in colors as a welcome symbol and hospitality for the Prince of Wales. The heritage of Jaipur is well evident in its palaces and forts. Stunning forts, palaces, and museums add glory to the number one tourist destination of Rajasthan. Visitors can experience the grandiose royal roots by visiting this city of food paradise during the winter months.

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Udaipur : During Mewar period, Udaipur was the new capital and the place is famous for its lakes and lake palaces. The courtyards and gardens are beautifully sculpted and decorated with intricate designs. The paintings, festivals, and architecture help the city to retain its former splendor and aura. The land was fertile and is considered as the trade center since olden days. The city with its majestic palaces is a view to behold by the lakes.

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Jaisalmer : The spectacular view of sand dune forts and palaces beckon visitors with its rich culture and traditions in Jaisalmer . With sun-kissed houses and forts, the city looks radiant and thus popularly known as the golden city for its breathtaking view during sunrise and sunset. The architecture and construction of the forts to facilitate cooling amid hot summers are beyond modern architectural imagination. The forts here are very much alive with bustling people and shops. The festivals and fairs celebrated during the month of December bring added beauty to the city.

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Pushkar : This holy place is the home to many temples and ghats around the Pushkar Lake. It is known to be formed from divine blessings and the city is dated long back into Indian Mythology. The water of this lake is sacred and a holy dip is known to refresh the body and soul. The spiritual land is surrounded by hills on 3 sides and is known for the locally sourced rose gardens which are exported. The camel festivals and fairs bring together people of different backgrounds to rejoice. This city is the only place which houses the temple of Lord Brahma.

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Jodhpur : It is the gateway to the Thar Desert, a famous recreational spot for tourists with night safaris and adventure sports. The city of Jodhpur is viewed with blue tinted houses near Mehranghar fort. It boasts of 15th-century forts and palaces of which a few of them are modified into heritage hotels. The blue city has a sunny weather which draws visitors to its gardens and lakes for chilling during the evenings. It is easy to explore the city in a day’s duration.

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Bikaner : The culture of Rajasthan is best reflected in the town of Bikaner. The forts and local delicacies attract visitors every year to indulge in culture and festivals. The forts and museums portray the grandeur of the rulers. The nightlife with camel fest and handicraft bazaar in the months of January and February are crowd gathering events. The local temples and forts are known for their intricate designs and cultural prosperity.

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Chittorgarh : The place is known for the valor and battle scars of Rajputs who upheld their honor during battles. The fort of Chittorgarh is the main attraction here. It is the largest and grandest of all the forts in India. It is located on a hilltop with River Berach surrounding its border. Many warriors and great historical people including Maharana Pratap hail from this proud place. Visit this historic spot glowing in its shades of bravery and sacrifice with various architectural monuments and temples.

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Mount Abu : The only hill station located in the Desert laden land of Rajasthan is Mount Abu. For tourists visiting Rajasthan, this hill station is on top of the places to visit. It comes under Aravalli mountain ranges filled with lush greenery and cultural temples. Adventure filled activities like climbing and trekking attract tourists. Camping in the site accompanied by dining under stars is a fun-filled activity for everyone. The wildlife sanctuary at Mount Abu provides scenic beauty for observing colonial bungalows and local habitats. It is also a sacred pilgrimage spot with various temples of worship.

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Bundi : Known for its magnificent landscapes and fruit orchards, Bundi lies unspoiled with original architecture, mountains and rivers surrounding it. The place is famous for step wells which showcase architectural brilliance in an era of limited technology. The forts, palaces, and temples carry their unique charm from the medieval period. The blue painted houses help to withstand the peak summer. The simple native folk and their poppy filled farm lands in months of January to march is a welcome sight away from crowded cities.

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Sawai Madhopur : The famous Ranathombre national park is located in this historic town amidst undulating hilly terrains. With railroads built during British rule, it became accessible from Rajasthan making it a favorite tourist destination to observe the wildlife. The sleepy village was once a favorite sporting terrain for the rulers is now bustling with visitors from all over the world. The forts and forests are now a part of UNESCO world heritage sites to preserve the culture and natural ecosystem .

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