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Is this for REAL? : 

Is this for REAL? Yes, you bet it is…

Is it legal? : 

Is it legal? Yes, if you live in New York State! (There are only 11 states where it is illegal) Check out this link on our website to the DOJ

Are you crazy if you don’t : 

Are you crazy if you don’t Since you are here and you are already doing most of the work, the answer would have to be yes.

How can your agency afford to do this? : 

How can your agency afford to do this? Our company has embraced the technology to the maximum to reduce costs…. We have no overhead !

Slide 6: 

This is for buyers that basically find the home themselves, and simply need an Agent to get them in the door and handle the transaction.

We are at your service : 

We are at your service We get you in the front door We help you narrow down We help with Pre qualification We help with Automated Listings

How does it work? : 

How does it work?

One Step Further : 

One Step Further Let’s go beyond the 50%....Lets negotiate! We say everything is negotiable in Real Estate and so is our commission !

How do I get started? : 

How do I get started? Give us a call at 585-377-5000 ext. 2

Brokerage Commission Check : 

Brokerage Commission Check

50% Back : 

50% Back House Price = $84,500 Total Buyers Agent Commission =$2535 (At 3% Commission to buyers agent) Rebate to Client= $ 1267.50

585-377-5000 : 

585-377-5000 Ext. 2