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Leadzio – Getting fresh responsive leads has never been so simple Leadzio is a software application that the Leadzio’s team created to help you generate leads for your business using Twitter. Leadzio is revolutionary because not only does it find relevant leads for you it also gives you a complete action plan for interacting with your new prospects. http://crownreviews.com/leadzio-review-bonus/ What Is Leadzio How can you find new leads engage them and profit without:  Blowing your budget with lead ads that seldom target the right prospects for your offers  Wasting time creating lead magnets and squeeze pages that bring out the freebie seekers who have no intention of EVER buying from you  Painful cold calling which leads to low self-esteem from being cursed at by business owners who hate being pitched to over the phone It’s clear that relying on email marketing and cold calling isn’t working the way it once did to generate qualified leads. You need a fresh approach to lead generation that reaches out to your ideal leads where they hang out online - and that means social media. Still you’ve got to approach prospects in the right way to make them hungry for YOUR offers which is where so many get it wrong. Many people may realize that Twitter is a great resource for personal branding allowing virtually anyone to share opinions and content globally - allowing people like you to reach ideal prospects wherever they’re located. And Twitter had another aspect which makes it ideal for lead generation… Its users have the right buyer demographics. Tech-savvy and with disposable income. Twitter users tend to be:  Younger adults 36 of online adults ages 18-29 are on the social network  More likely to be college graduates 29 of college graduates are on Twitter vs. only 20 of those with only high school diplomas

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 Higher income earners 30 of all Twitter users have incomes of 75k+ In other words Twitter is the perfect platform for attracting red hot leads looking for top-end products and services like yours. However Twitter is completely underrated as a lead generation tool. Instead of running expensive lead ad campaigns on Facebook or wasting your time schmoozing on LinkedIn... get all the highly qualified leads you can handle and keep them rolling in day-after-day month-after-month with Leadzio without spending a single dime to find them. Leadzio is a software application that the Leadzio’s team created to help you generate leads for your business using Twitter. Leadzio is revolutionary because not only does it find relevant leads for you it also gives you a complete action plan for interacting with your new prospects. How Does Leadzio Work https://www.youtube.com/watchvly3FaU-GY3Mfeatureyoutu.be Special Features of Leadzio:  Get all the FREE qualified leads you can handle  Unique interface walks you through how to create highly engaged leads  Stop wasting time and money chasing prospects that don’t become paying customers  Leverage a PROVEN platform to pack your list full of serious buyers Your hungry leads who want and need your goods and services are warmed up with Leadzio’s Easy Engage feature. Easy Engage creates ‘micro commitments’ which encourage your leads to take small actions. These small actions create the trust people need to buy from you. When the time is right Easy Engage helps you send your leads a perfect direct message with your offer . . . one they’ll already be primed for

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There are two additional modules that they’ve added to the Leadzio platform. Module 1: Follower Search Follower Search allows you to enter a Twitter screen name and it will display all of your followers. This is a powerful feature when use on you competitors. Module 2: Remote Client Authorization This allows you to sent an invite to your client so that they can authorize you to use the Leadzio platform and Twitter to find leads on their behalf. How It Works: It’s never been easier to get all the leads you can handle - without paying a cent. There are just 5 simple steps in the process: Step 1: Login And Authorize Your Twitter Account Add as many Twitter accounts as you wish

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Step 2: Enable Easy Engage To Create Semi-Automated Engagements With Your Leads Easy Engage takes your leads through a step-by-step process to turn them into your Twitter followers.

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Step 3: Create New Campaign Enter a keyword related to your ideal audience and click the search button. Filter your search by both positive and negative operators to drill deep into your prospect list so you target only the most motivated leads.Find the most qualified leads by hiding profiles with default avatars and filtering leads by minimum number of friends followers and tweets. You’ll be able to view all leads generated on a daily weekly and monthly basis at a glance.

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Step 4: View Leads Returned By Leadzio Visit the profile of your matches to follow them. Next add the leads to your list with a single click. For best results - check out 50 new leads per day. Step 5: Engage With Your Leads And Close The Sale

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Each day Leadzio creates a new suggested action which automatically moves your leads to the next action step - leading up to direct messaging your lead with your offer. https://www.youtube.com/watchvY6IjREWUQDsfeatureyoutu.be Who Should Use Leadzio Leadzio is ideal for anyone:  Who has an ideal market who hangs out on Twitter typically a younger well- educated high-earning demographic  Who is a product creator coach or service provider with a high end offer who needs ideal leads to sell their goods and/or services to  Who is ready to connect with prospects on Twitter and they’ll give you a complete game-plan so you never make a mistake And Leadzio is also for:  Affiliate network marketers who want fresh leads to add to their lists and market their products to  Local businesses that want to increase foot traffic to offline stores events  Lead generation specialists who want an edge over their competition without paying for leads  Anyone who doesn’t have a big budget to spend on paid ad campaigns for lead generation  Email marketers who are noticing a decline in open rates and/or clicks to their offers  eCommerce vendors who want to find new markets for their goods  Authors who want to expand their fan bases for recurring BOOK sales Why Should You Get Leadzio Now IT’S TIME TO QUIT PAYING FOR LEADS THAT GO NOWHERE Forget about old school methods. Quit sending paid traffic leads to a squeeze page. Nine times out of ten they’ll grab your opt-in bait with a fake email address and you’ll never hear from them again. It’s a serious waste of your time and marketing dollars. Scoring leads off Twitter is like shooting fish in a barrel. They’re there for the taking and ripe for your offers.

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IF YOU COMMIT TO THE STEP BY STEP PROCESS INSIDE LEADZIO YOU’LL HAVE NURTURED LEADS RESPONDING TO YOUR OFFERS WITHIN A WEEK. And Leadzio’s not just for some measly low-ticket offers either. Leadzio is perfect for product creators coaches and freelancers with high ticket offers . . . although it’s also a great match for affiliate marketers and local business owners who want a pool of pre- qualified leads at the ready. Spend as little as a few minutes per day with Leadzio and you’ll quickly see results. No more cold calling or paying too much for leads who disappear with your gifts - never to be seen or heard from again. You don’t want just any kind of leads. Now let’s hear what others have to say about Leadzio “Wonderful I was surprised to see that it helps me organize my "duties" and that it didnt take over. I get to choose which tweets to like and not. I get to write my personal replies. It isnt some standard cookie cutter spun content.” Britt Malka Conclusion Fresh leads are the lifeblood of any business. If you don’t get new qualified leads on a consistent basis your business won’t grow. In the worst case scenario it will fail. With Leadzio you no longer have to pay for unqualified leads who have no intention of taking you up on your offers. Where will you be in 30 days if you don’t act now Watching your marketing emails bounce because they’re being sent to a fake email address Paying for leads that may or may not pan out Remove the uncertainty of lead generation. Try Leadzio today simply click the link below to reserve your copy now. http://crownreviews.com/leadzio-review-bonus/ Leadzio Leadzio review Leadzio review and bonus Leadzio reviews Leadzio reviews and bonuses Leadzio discount Leadzio bonus Leadzio bonuses Leadzio review and discount Leadzio review in detail Leadzio ultimate review Leadzio demo Leadzio demo review Leadzio huge discount Leadzio discount coupon Leadzio download Get Leadzio Leadzio review demo and bonus Leadzio Leadzio review Leadzio review and bonus