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Printmaking Linoleum Block Printing

Printmaking is…:

Printmaking is… A type of art that uses an inked block or plate to print an image. This allows multiple printings, unlike drawing or painting.

Printmaking started in China:

Printmaking started in China The Chinese developed a printing technique called “woodcut” to print books of Chinese characters and images, around 100 AD.

Some Famous Printmakers are…:

Some Famous Printmakers are… Andy Warhol, 1960s Albrecht Dürer , 1500s

Some More Famous Printmakers…:

Some More Famous Printmakers… Chuck Close, 1986 Katsushika Hokusai, 1800s

PowerPoint Presentation:

Your project is to carve a linoleum block

Things to Know…:

Things to Know… Block: the wooden/linoleum piece you carve Linocut tools (Gouges): sharp tools used to carve out linoleum strips Print: an inked impression of your block, placed on paper (this is what you’ll turn in) Edition: lots of prints that all look exactly the same New Vocabulary

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They are carved with sharp tools called ‘gouges’

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Lino cuts often have simple lines

You have to reverse your words or they will print backwards like this::

You have to reverse your words or they will print backwards like this: They print backwards – this is due to the printing process

More linoleum cut examples…:

More linoleum cut examples… These marks are called “chatter” and are left over from the carving process Some artists choose to leave more chatter than others

The Carved Linocut:

The Carved Linocut

Choosing Ideas:

Choosing Ideas Your image will print backwards (mirror-imaged) so if you have a word you must write it backwards on the linoleum There is no shading in linoleum cuts; only black or white Your print is created by carving out lines It’s very difficult to put tiny detail into a lino cut Linoleum Cuts use Line Things to Consider