Why Businesses Ought to be More Scared Than they


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Why Businesses Ought to be More Scared Than they Are My firm has been consulting on the use of CRM applications for over 25 years. There are many things we have observed about how businesses use and maintain their system’s database. And as you’d expect it varies greatly  —  from high use and well maintained to low use and deficient maintenance. But there is one observation that really scares the owners of many firms.

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NOBODY IS ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE DATABASE: If you ask anyone in most firms who is in charge of marketing or sales or accounting they would have an immediate answer. But when I ask who is in charge of the quality of their database more often than not I get a confused response and then a lot of finger pointing. A case can be made that an organization’s house file database of customers and prospects including all their contact information and other relevant details and history is one of its most valuable assets. As such a database warrants proper care protection and maintenance. Below is a list of some of the common risks/issues that arise with a database and require focus and attention: ○ Duplicates ○ Bad/Bogus Records ○ Data corruption ○ Incomplete and missing fields that are essential for reporting filtering etc. ○ Unauthorized changes deletions and exports ○ Obsolecense due to age and failure to update ○ Lack of Analysis and Reporting ○ Misuse ○ Under-use

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As a Zoho Authorised Partner with over two decades of CRM experience First Direct Corporation and its team of experts are qualified to provide organizations with the benefits of both our experience and our professional time. In addition to guiding a firm through the implementation and roll- out of Zoho CRM and related applications we can assist you with the administration of your system. Have us help you apply database best practices. Speak to First Direct today. Contact us at 845 221–3800 or click here to submit a request.