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The DCode Advantage DEPENDABLE From the distribution centre to the point-of-sale you need convenient precise data capture. Regardless of your industry or the kind of barcode scanner you need youll be able to find it in our vast porVolio. Our technology and constant innovation enhances customer experience improves overall productivity/profitability and amplifies supply chain e fficiency. Single Line Laser Scanner DC5111 is a low cost laser Scanner which comes as an alternative to CCD scanners. Its User-friendly form factor and top of the line feature set streamlines its use in an assortment of uses at the press of a button. Exceptional Value for everyday use Intended to address the needs of small businesses DC5111 provides the performance and features needed to altogether reduce data entry mistakes and boost e fficiency every day in giG shops boutiques outdoor supplies gem specialists video stores florists and other nearby retailers. Simple and com- fortable to handle this high-value low cost scanner o ffers the unwavering quality and investment security. Reduces the requirement for training Easy to use and handle DC5111 requires minimal set up time and e ffort. From the very moment the scanner is unboxed people can easily use the Barcode Scanner throughout the day due to its light structure speed and simple design. In Short DC5111 is an e fficient For 1D Barcodes DC511 1D WIRED HAND HELD BARCODE SCANNER TOUGH QUICK

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32 Bits CPU – super decoding ability. Ergonomic design comfortable to hold. Service life of button up to 8 million clicks. Can read barcode as small as 3 mil. laser Scanner that terminates delays in scan-intensive applications. Proven Quality you can trust When you buy DC5111 you get the additional a ffirmation of buying an item of global quality adhering to global standards of quality and use. It comes with a factory warranty of 1 Year to give you added peace of mind. Application Scenarios :

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© 2019 BBSPL. All rights reserved – Copying or altering of this document is prohibited without express written consent of from BBSPL. DCode logo is a registered trademark of BBSPL in India. Products specifications are subject to change without notice For More Information: www.dcodeinternational.com SPECIFICATION DC511 1D WIRED Packing Details Standard List Scanner1 Cable1 Manual1 Electrical Working current Standby current Charging Power Interface 3.5Vx40mA 18uA-5mA 5V-400mA USB USB- COM Scan Performance Scanning type bi-directional Light Source 650 nm Visible diode Decoding Speed 300 Scans/sec Scanning Width 30cm Printing Contrast ≥25 Reading Angle Angle of Rotation ±30° Inclination ±45° declination ±60° Indication Buzzer LED Trigger Mode Button Continuous Auto- Indication CPU ARM 32-bit Cortex BER 1/20 million Anti-Interference No Influence working under string light and sunshine Decode Capability UPC/EAN with complimentary UPC/EAN Code 128 Code 39 Code 39 Full ASCII Codabar industrial/interleaved 2 of 5 Code 93 MSI Code 11 ISBN ISSN China Post GS1 Databar Code 32 User Environment Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C Storage Temperature - 40°C to 70°C Humidity 5 to 95 relative humidity non-condensing Drop Designed to resist 2 meter drop Environmental Sealing IP54 ESD Confirms to 15 kv air discharge and 8 kv of contact discharge DC 5111 1D Wired is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year from the date of shipment provided the product remains unmodified and is operated under normal and proper condition Warranty Physical Characteristics Colour Twilight Black Material ABS+PC Single Pack Size 167mm80mm100mm Single Gross Weight 0.28 kg Depth of Field Minimum distance determined by symbol length and scan angle. Printing resolution contrast and ambient light dependent. 3 mils 2.0mm to 100.0 mm 10 mils 2.0mm to 350.0 mm 15 mils 5.0mm to 500.0 mm 30 mils 10.0mm to 800.0 mm

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