Above ground pool vs in-ground pool

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In this presentation you will discover the differences between above ground pools and in-ground swimming pools. For more information and pool reviews take a look at our website here: https://www.abovegroundpoolcentral.com


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Above ground pool vs in-ground pool:

Above ground pool vs in-ground pool


Owning a swimming pool is a dream of many homeowners. The addition of a swimming pool adds value to your home and fun and exercise for your entire family. The question is, should you install an above ground pool (if you’ve read the pool reviews at Above Ground Pool Central of course) or an in ground pool? There are several pros to above ground pools.


First, the installation of above ground pools is easier and takes less time. You can install an above ground pool yourself or with the help of family and friends. Even if you decide to hire someone to install the above ground pool, it will cost much less than installing an in ground pool. Above ground pools can be ready for swimming in just a few days. An in ground swimming pool can take several months to install. By the time an in ground pool is installed, the first frost may be right around the corner.


Above ground pools are much easier to keep clean than in ground pools. A pool at ground level gets more debris blown in than an above ground pool. And you can get the same pool supplies and equipment for above ground pools, like automatic pool cleaners or pool heaters, as for in ground pools, but the cost is typically much lower.


Above ground pools are more difficult to enter than in ground pools, which may make them somewhat safer. You have to climb a ladder to get in an above ground pool, whereas with an in ground pool, fall-ins can easily happen. Accidental fall-ins can still happen in above ground pools, but are less likely. Safety precautions should be followed for any swimming pool to prevent accidents and keep your family safe.


One of the biggest pros of above ground pools is that there is no long term commitment. It can easily be removed in the event your family no longer uses it. As your children grow and move away from home, the use of the swimming pool may decline and your interests may change. A garden or pond could seem more appealing. With an above ground pool you can remove it and replace it with whatever you desire. If you have an in ground pool, they are not easily removed. This is also an issue if you are selling your home. Not every home buyer wants a swimming pool. In addition, you can take your above ground pool with you to your new home when you move.


The cost of above ground pools is much less than installing in ground pools. Depending on the size and style, above ground pool pricing starts at just a few hundred dollars, where in ground pool pricing starts at thousands of dollars. An in ground pool will also require decking and additional electrical work which will add to the expense. Although much less expensive, above ground pools can be purchased that have long warranties and can be expected to provide many years of fun for your family for a relatively low investment.


Above ground pools are certainly becoming the more popular choice in many areas for all of the above reasons and more. The ease and cost of installation make them the perfect pick for many homeowners.