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Recruiting & Retaining Qualified Employee's:

Recruiting & Retaining Qualified Employee's By Ross Foster, Jessann Cohn & Berylnn Bell

Strategic Importance of Recruiting & Retaining Talented Employee’s :

Strategic Importance of Recruiting & Retaining Talented Employee’s Effective Recruitment Leads to Low Turnover Rate Improving Productivity Reducing labor Costs – (Cost-Per-Hire Savings) Staying Competitive

Recruiting & Retaining Within an Integrated HRM System :

Recruiting & Retaining Within an Integrated HRM System Links to other HR Activities Fairness & Legal Compliance Planning & Change Job Analysis & Competency modeling Training & Development Benefits & Services External & Organizational Environment Labor Markets Laws & Regulations Technol0gy

HR Triad roles and responsibilities :

HR Triad roles and responsibilities Line Managers HR Professionals Employees

Managing Globalization:

Managing Globalization Understanding Globalization For managing HR Positive effects Negative effects

Managing with Metrics :

Managing with Metrics Supply Chain Management Used to track the volume, speed, and cost of recruiting activities Posting announcements Screening resumes Contacting candidates & Scheduling interviews Conducting interviews Formal Offers Orientation and Training Follow-up with new employees and their supervisors

Managing the Multicultural Workforce :

Managing the Multicultural Workforce Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination EEO-1 Reports Nondiscrimination Laws Affirmative Action Programs Sensitivity and Ethics Training Motivation Individual vs. Collective Cultures Reasonable Accommodation Disability Religion Family constraints Language


References Business Dictionary (2013) Jackson, S. Schuler R. Werner, S. (2012) Managing Human Resources, Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning Mayhew, R. (N/A) What are the benefits of Retaining Employees?, Retrieved on 07/31/2013, from

Who Was in Charge of What?:

Who Was in Charge of What? Strategic Importance of Recruiting and Retaining Talented Employees – Ross Recruiting and Retaining Within and Integrated HRM System – Ross HR Triad – Berlynn Managing Globalization – Berlynn Managing With Metrics – Jessann Managing the Multicultural Workfoce - Jessann

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