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HSV 6350 Topics in Assessment and Treatment of Child TraumaCourse Orientation : 

HSV 6350 Topics in Assessment and Treatment of Child TraumaCourse Orientation


THE CTAC TEAM Assessment, Teaching, Research and Administration

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Founding Members of CTAC 1H999--- Course Instructors: L to R: Dr. Jim Henry, Ms. Connie Black Pond, Dr. Yvette Hyter, Dr. Mark Sloane, Dr. Ben Atchison

History : 

History 1999: A Perceived Need Is Verified Seed of $25,000 from two small grants and University resources First child in March 2000 Have assessed app 2000 children

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Mission To provide comprehensive assessment of traumatized children ages birth to 18 years and share recommendations to caretakers and responsible persons.

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Philosophy Complex Problems require multi-dimensional views from a team that is not just multidisciplinary…… but TRANSDISCIPLINARY

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Services Education and Training Research CTAC COMPONENTS

Services : 

Services Comprehensive Medical, Developmental, Psychosocial, Pragmatic Language Assessment Psychopharmacological consultation in selected children after assessment report completed Recommendations for community-based services

The CTAC Team : 

The CTAC Team Pediatrician Social Worker Occupational Therapist Audiologist Speech Pathologist Assessment in the “round” Primary Caregiver Refer to Handout 1 and 2

Why this Course? : 

Why this Course? Trauma Informed Community of Professionals

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Each Module is posted weekly on Monday Modules are all found in the Learning Modules Link Powerpoint , Videos, Other Resources are all found in the Modules Assignment Information in Modules Post Either Assignment Drop Box OR Discussions

Assignment Due Date and Time : 

Assignment Due Date and Time

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To get an A: Complete all assignments and acquire at least 94 % of: Your final grade is computed by taking your final points and dividing by 215 . 215 total Points

Use Discussions or BB Mail for Q&A : 

Use Discussions or BB Mail for Q&A

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