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CHRISTIANITY What Christians Believe: The Trinity Learning objective: to understand the basic Christian belief about the Trinity

What’s in a name? : 

What’s in a name? Teacher Wife Mother Grandmother Sister Aunt Great-aunt Animal lover Miniaturist Musician And many other things I have many different “names”. I am: Make a list of all of your different “names” starting with: I am:

Am I more than one person? : 

Am I more than one person? Teacher Wife Mother Grandmother Sister Aunt Great-aunt Animal lover Miniaturist Musician ME All of these “names” make up me, although they are all very different.

An Egg : 

An Egg An egg has three parts shell white yolk The three parts are very different but they make up an egg.

Water : 

Water What is the chemical formula for water? What are the three different ways in which water can exist? H2O liquid solid - as ice gas – as steam

Slide 6: 

H2O These all have the SAME formula. They are all H2O even though they are all very different.

The Apple : 

The Apple When you cut an apple in half, what do you see? skin flesh core

Slide 8: 

skin flesh core All of these parts make up an apple although each part is very different.

Christians believe that : 

Christians believe that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, although they are all very different, they all the one GOD

Slide 10: 

St Patrick used the shamrock to teach about the Trinity. Today many people wear a shamrock on St Patrick’s Day. (March 17th) The shamrock is a symbol of Ireland.

Slide 11: 

Write your name in here On your copy of this diagram put in the THREE most important “names” you wrote down earlier.

Slide 12: 

In your own words, explain what the Trinity means to Christians. Here are some possible sentence starters to help you: Christians believe that … This is like … St Patrick used … You may also use any of the pictures you have seen to make your explanation clearer.

Slide 13: 

Extension: Can you think of any other things that are made up of different parts but which need to be together to form a whole? Homework: For Wednesday 24th September, complete the sheet on comparing the Anglican and Baptist churches. Make sure that you write this in your planner.

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