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Bellcast Granny Flat has a wide range of standard one Bedroom designs, two Bedroom designs and three Bedroom designs with extra working space as well as for those who are staying with bigger families.


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What are the different designs of granny flats Bellcast granny flats have a wide range of architectural designs that suits your needs and budgets. Bellcast granny flats have one Bedroom two Bedroom and three Bedroom designs the architecture of granny flat designs allow flexibility in size and floor plan layout. One bedroom design Modern one bedroom granny Flats with a wide range of appliances and helpful features including wardrobes and laundry. It designed with a large bedroom and bathroom. This design is fully customizable and well suited to your needs. ​One Bedroom Flats available for people on a small budget and limited space. This design is suitable for a small family. Two bedroom design Two Bedroom Granny Flats is our most popular design that providing a fantastic return on investment. The most ​popular designs of our granny flats successfully approved and built by Bellcast Design. Our two bedroom granny flat designed with a large kitchen and open-plan living/dining area. The large bathroom also allows for an integrated laundry plus a bathtub with a shower over it.

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Three Bedroom design A three-bedroom home can be the perfect size for a wide variety of arrangements and it can provide a perfect solution either as additional housing for members of the extended family be used as a guest house or rental property ​. ​Three bedrooms can offer a separate room for children and guest. Three bedroom design has been designed for those who need extra working space as well as for those who are staying with bigger families.