Top 10 Worst Valentines Day Gifts for Me

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Unless he's a child, do not give him stuffed animals.

Slide 2: 

Don't give a homemade knitted jumper, unless you’re dating your grandson.

Slide 3: 

He might be sensitive about excess hair or just like the extra layer of warmth. Be cool, don't get him a back shaver.

Slide 4: 

Nothing says ‘I love you’ LESS than literally giving him nothing.

Slide 5: 

Unless he is the ultra sensitive type, this will go down like a lead balloon.

Slide 6: 

If he went to a private school, grew up listening to classical music and visited museums on a weekly basis then this could be an option. If not, stay clear.

Slide 7: 

Special ‘bedroom’ nasal spray... that’s just a mean present.

Slide 8: 

Lets face it, if he doesn’t like it he's likely to take it off as soon as he steps out the front door.

Slide 9: 

Videogames are great until he gets addicted and ends up spending less time with you... your call.

Slide 10: 

If he is a great big girly man a pedicure may be ok.... if not, steer clear.

Slide 11: 

This Valentines day on behalf of all men, please choose wisely...