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Successfully completing BD Food Safety Consultant's FSVP course will help you to understand the FSVP requirements and how these requirements can be met in your particular circumstances.


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FOREIGN SUPPLIER VERIFICATION PROGRAM BD FOOD SAFETY Get Online FSVP Training and food safety training from BD Food Safety to learn regulatory requirements for imported food which might be missing in other food safety training programs. Imported food safety regulations can be very different from what the norms are here in the U.S.

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The FSVP demands that imported foods follow the same public health requirements as food produced in the United States. After successfully completing this course you will be able to understand the FSVPs criteria and how these requirements can be met in your specific situation. Food importers located in the United States Brokers and exporters of foreign food Grocery stores that buy inventory from international suppliers Restaurants that source overseas supplies for fresh food preparation Representatives who handle the importation of foreign food Understanding the proper documentation processes for foreign foods Getting to know foreseeable hazards with foods from certain places Examining a foreign supplier’s performance Familiarizing yourself with risks that can be posed by contaminated or adulterated food Learning how to conduct supplier verification processes A B H O L D I N G S Who Needs FSVP Training The Role of FSVP Courses

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