Install Biometric Door Lock and Card Access System for Security

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Install Biometric Door Lock and Card Access System for Security Purpose. There will be different types of home and office security systems, like the door access card reader system.


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Install Biometric Door Lock and Card Access System for Security Purpose If you are ever willing to research on the internet you will discover a huge number of home security systems. These will give you a closer perspective about improving your lock system to the biometric level. There will be different types of home and office security systems like the door access card reader system. This system will grant access only to the valid HID card holder so you can rest assured that there will be no incidents of any forced or unauthorized entries. Now let ’s talk about the advantages of the biometric door security system in brief. Biometric door lock: Advantages Since the biometrics has been in use the identification process has become much easier and quicker. Biometric security uses some unique characteristics from an individual that can never be forged or replaced. For example two people cannot have the same fingerprint or the same retinal attributes. So there is no way that biometric security can be crossed by forging someone else ’s unique characteristics. Fingerprint security

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As mentioned above two people cannot have the same fingerprint. The design or the lines or each fingerprint is unique so the door lock won ’t open the door for someone whose fingerprint doesn ’t match with anything on their database. While password door locks can be hacked or someone can forget the password but fingerprint door lock doesn ’t have any of those problems. Lost your keys No problem If you have a lock and key system there will be scenarios where you might have lost your keys or left them at home. Under these circumstances either you will have to call a locksmith and change the locks or you will have to travel the distance to fetch the keys. Now this may be alright if it happens once as mistakes can happen but what if such things happen again and again The security card is another effective process to restrict unauthorized entries to your property but such a thing can happen with security cards as well. The prime advantage of biometric lock is that no matter if you use facial recognition fingerprint retina or even voice they will always be with you. Tough to override A biometric security system is quite difficult or even impossible to forge or override. Other types of door security systems like the keycard system or password protection door system

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can be easily hacked by experienced criminals. But breaking through a fingerprint door system is almost impossible. Better security than traditional locks You have to believe in the fact that the traditional locks have become ancient which can be easily picked or copied. It is not a laborious job at all to get a duplicate key and break into someone ’s property. We all have some important assets like money or documents at our home and office and you cannot just rely on the simple lock and key system to protect them. Besides the criminals won ’t need a duplicate key in some instances as anyone can break them very easily. User-friendly Biometric security is much easier to install and operate and you won ’t have to be tech-savvy for that. All you have to do is to program them at the time of installation by adding fingerprints or retina or facial recognition to the database. Once this process is done you won ’t have to touch the system again and it requires minimal maintenance. The biometric security system may seem a bit expensive at the time of buying but if you are aiming for the long-run the system will only provide you with benefits. Address: Blk 30 Kallang Place 03-01 S 339159 Tel: +65 62960848 Fax: +65 6297 6008 Email: Website:

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