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Earthing Transformers, Power Distribution Transformers, Rectifier Transformers, transformer manufacturer gujarat For more details please visit us at: http://www.bcenergyinfra.com


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Aiming Through Excellence Innovation ISO 9001:2008 COMPANY Transformers up to 30 MVA 132 KV class Regd. Office : 405 Chandraprabhu Corporate House B/h. Sales India Mahesana. Gujarat Telefax : +91-2762-292070 Works : 307/A GIDC-2 Dediyasan Mahesana-384002. Gujarat Telefax : +91-2762-224270 Email Web : infobcenergyinfra.com www.bcenergyinfra.com www.powertransformersindia.com Our company is registered with various government / semi government departments and corporate houses. Our group includes reputed clientele such as : — Suzlon Structures P Ltd — Gujrat Alcock Ash Down Ltd — Steelcast Limited — Troikka Pharmaceutical Ltd — Sintex Industries — Bissaza India Ltd — Kissan Irrigation Ltd — JMT India Inc — DNH Projects Ltd — Repute Polymers — Sensitive Industries and many more… Our presence apart from dealer network……… Head Office : 09099940623 Rajkot : 09099940625 Baroda : 09099940627 Faridabad : 09810073870 Ahmedabad : 09099940626 Hyderabad : 08886956099 Accreditions Test Report 3star Distribution Transformer Transformers up to 30 MVA 132 KV class www.bcenergyinfra.com BC Energy Infra P. Ltd. www.bcenergyinfra.com

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We have factory setup as per best prevailing industry practices to support our quality commitment. Proper size small to big winding machines insulation processing machinery winding pressing machines assembly tools stage inspection measuring testing tools and practices help us in maintaining specifications as per design. BC Energy Infra P . Ltd. is a joint groups. Both group have combined experience in electrical manufacturing project execution of 28 years. We are an ISO 9001 : 2008 company having manufacturing set up for various transformers up to 30MVA capacity and 132KV class. Plant is well equipped with latest production equipments for manufacturing ultra modern testing facilities with software supports are employed to ensure proper finished goods quality. We craft each transformer with strict norms laid down by our experienced engineers so as to produce best quality transformers to deliver long and trouble free services to the end user. IS IEC specifications are followed depending up on product / client requirement along with managerial standards of ISO 9001:2008 to ensure quality of the transformers. As our slogan “Aiming Excellence Through Innovation” Suggests to ensure best quality products we follow best designing of the transformer by our design engineers some times designing consultants from the industry. Best quality of raw materials like EC grade copper low loss lamination insulation material sturdy tanks paints accessories are procured from selective supplier. Raw materials are checked at entry level in work shop to confirm the quality as per specifications widely accepted in the industry. Best winding assembly practices are accepted by our skilled staff supported by supervisors engineers to produce ultimate goods. At the end of every process semi-finished material is checked to match the design parameters. Proper assembly ovening tanking oil filling practices are adopted followed for each transformer to ensure flawless long duration performance of the product. We believe in accepting latest technology to make products more sturdy reliable as our motto is “Aiming Excellence Through Innovation” . We manufacture supply various transformers to best suit customers requirements for different applications environment as under. 2 www.bcenergyinfra.com 3 www.bcenergyinfra.com — Distribution Transformers : 200 KVA 33 KV Class — Power Transformers : 30 MVA 132 KV Class — Furnace Transformers : 10 MVA 33 KV Class — Rectifier Transformers : 6 MVA 11 KV Class — Dry Transformers VPI : 2.5 MVA 22 KV Class — Dry Transformers Resin Cast : 1.0 MVA 11 KV Class — Corrugated Wall Transformers : 2.0 MVA 22 KV Class — Unitized Substation : 1.6 MVA 22 KV Class Proper production equipments and practices enable us in maintaining the design standards as under. — Adequate size winding machines best winding results — Proper handling tools gives perfect finish and dimensions — Process dimension measurement observed — Two over head cranes gives flexibility of operations — Preheating of windings in two air drying ovens — Final heating and moisture removal in vacuum oven — Big vacuum oven to handle assemblies up to 40 MVA132 KV class transformers World class testing set up gives us the confidence of the products manufactured by us are in line with the design or not. — Use of 0.2 class power analyzer for loss measurement — Co ordination between power analyzer with PLC and Industrial PC — Software to select proper ranges of CTs PTs and electrical parameters for best results — Data logging in system to ensure any operator mistake and future records — Different sizes DVDF set for various capacity of transformers — 50 KV and 150 KV H.V. Testers for separate source insulation test — Ratio meter Resistance meter and Insulation tester of reputed brands with best accuracy QUALITY : A MISSION COMPANY PROFILE : INFRASTRUCTURE : PRODUCTS :

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4 www.bcenergyinfra.com 5 www.bcenergyinfra.com We manufacture and supply furnace transformers up to 33kv class and 10 MVA. Transformers with various classifications are designed and supplied to suit the types and make of electric induction and arc furnace used as under. Makes : Inductortherm Electrotherm ABP furnace Megatherm Voltage levels : 433 V460 V575 V850 V 1150 V1250 V Vector Groups : Dyn-11Dyn11-DDo Pulses : 6 pulse12 pulse24 pulse transformer As high currents are involved special care is taken in designing tank and assembly of the transformer. We manufacture and supply rectifier transformers up to 11 kv class and 6 MVA. Transformers of 6 pulse/12 pulse with high current application can be supplied. Various tapings on main can be supplied or regulating transformer can be used for effective process control using latest current or voltage control methods .Transformers can be supplied using diodes or thyristors depending upon application and client`s requirement. Different configurations can be used in designing and supplying the rectifier transformers as under. — Voltage regulation using off-load tap changer on load tap changer variac control or thyristors — 6 pulse12 pulses or higher with phase shifting — ONANONAFOFAF — Regulation unit either combined or separate These transformers are suitable for various D.C. applications like D.C. Traction for trains smelting operations electrolysis etc. Fine control of voltage is achieved using saturable reactors on secondary side. We m a n u f a c t u r e d i s t r i b u t i o n transformers up to 200 kva 33 kv class. Our transformers have following features. — Highest purity of aluminum/copper winding material — Entire range 10162563100 and 200 KVA — ERDA tested for star ratings — Vendor approval from SEB`s — C o n f o r m i t y w i t h I S 1 1 8 0 specifications — Single phase and three phase use We manufacture Power transformers up to 30 MVA and 132 KV class. best available machineries and testing equipments helps us in manufacturing the best products. — Manufacturing as per IS and IEC standards — Use of best quality raw materials for better performance — ONAN/ONAF/AN/ONWF configurations — Designed for low loss and flaw less performance — Voltages : 11223366 and 132 KV and as per client`s requirement — Best suiting for Solar applicationsEarthing transformers Computer aided designing with using latest softwares help us in designing accurately to standards and specific requirements. DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMERS : 200 KVA 33 KV CLASS POWER TRANSFORMERS : 30 MVA 132 KV CLASS RECTIFIER TRANSFORMERS : 6 MVA 11 KV CLASS FURNACE TRANSFORMERS : 10 MVA 33 KV CLASS Entire range of distribution transformers is produced by us .Wide range of such transformers are accommodated as different SEB`s have varied technical specifications. Self protected transformers with Lightning arrestors MCBs / MCCBs in load side internal tripping device etc can be used for the same. Earthing transformers for specific requirements are designed and supplied for typical applications.

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Unitized sub station supplied by us are up to 1600 kva and 11/22kv class. Such USS have the following salient features. — Compact and sturdy design to save space — Good aesthetic look — User friendly convenient in operation and maintenance — Designed for ultimate safety of operator and apparatus — Adequate insulation level using non-hygroscopic material for connection between HV LV and Transformer Sections — Emergency stop Push button outside USS — Properly designed Earthing system — Remote operation can be supplied for operator safety — Enclosure designed for moisture and dust protection — USS are designed to have VCB/RMU units load feeders P .F. correction panels change overs etc. Corrugated wall transformers are manufactured by us up to 2.0 MVA and 22kv class. Such transformers are space saving and are very useful in shopping malls hospitals hotel industries and at places where space is a constraint. Even for exports these are widely accepted due to transportation ease. — Look is very aesthetic and sturdy — Heat dissipation is improved — Oil Maintenance is easy — Hermetically sealed — Easy to be handled — With without OLTC 6 www.bcenergyinfra.com 7 www.bcenergyinfra.com We manufacture and supply dry transformers using vacuum process impregnation up to 2.5 MVA and 22 kv class. Our transformers have following features. — Use of Nomax insulation for better performance — Temperature rise of 115 and 150 degree centigrade — + 5 or – 5 voltage control using taps in steps of 2.5 — EC grade copper windings — Air natural cooling with or without fans — Very low noise within permissible limits of IS/IEC specifications These transformers are now a days widely where fire hazard is very dangerous like hotels shopping malls and hospitals and community centers. Dry type transformers are light in weight compared to conventional oil cooled can easily be installed on upper floors and roofs. We manufacture and supply dry transformers using resin vacuum casting up to 1.0 MVA and 11kv class. Our transformers have following features. — Use of non inflammable windings for safety — Lowest risk of fire hazard as oil is not used — Designed for low operating losses — Very low noise within permissible limits of IS/IEC specifications — +5 AND -5 voltage control using taps in step of 2.5 — Air natural cooling with or without fans — Highest humidity resistance — Smaller dimensions and hence light weight — Can be used in off shore applications and near sea shore HV COMPARTMENT : — HV VCB OR RMU — HV METERING SET — LIGHTNING ARRESTORS LV COMPARTMET : — LV ACB/MCCB — LV METERING SET — FEEDERS USING HRC FUSE SWITCHES/MCCBs TRANSFORMERS COMPARTMENT: — Use if Dry transformer Either VPI or Resin cast or corrugated wall oil cooled transformer as per IS/IEC standards designed for best cooling longer life and flawless performance. UNITIZED SUBSTATION : 1.6 MVA 22 KV CLASS DRY TYPE TRANSFORMERS RESIN CAST : 1.0 MVA 11 KV CLASS DRY TYPE TRANSFORMERS VACUUM PROCESS IMPREGNATED : 2.5 MVA 22 KV CLASS CORRUGATED WALL TRANSFORMERS : 2.0 MVA 22 KV CLASS

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