Consider Recycling and Keep the Environment Clean

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If you have garbage to get rid of, don't dump it in the trash. Instead, get it recycled for some financial benefits. We, at BC Bottle Deposit, understand the essential role played by recycling diverse items, so that they can be used all over again. Recycling causes no harm to the environment, but keeps it clean.


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Consider Recycling and Keep the Environment Clean There are a lot of things that we dump in the trash rather than getting them recycled. It pays to recycle your waste, as it is the best possible way to make a better world. Not only does it save energy and conserve natural resources, it also reduces waste and prevents pollution. In fact, recycling is a lot more than just keeping aluminum cans and empty plastic bottles out of the garbage . Looking for the best bottle depot in Maple Ridge to recycle your bottles? BC Bottle Depot has the most effective solution for your recycling needs. We put emphasis on keeping the environment safe and clean. Recycling not only helps the community significantly, but it also benefits the environment.

Why Choose BC Bottle Depot?:

Why Choose BC Bottle Depot? BC Bottle Depot is a one-stop recycling shop for various recycling services as well as solutions. We take immense pride in contributing to our environment. We have a team of skilled and experienced staff who not only will sort, but count every container. We encourage people to get their items recycled, including aluminum cans, electronics, glass and plastic bottles, light bulbs, batteries, books, etc. Our priority is keeping our environment in flawless condition. We also believe in re-using the recycled materials for the conservation of energy. You can reap financial benefits for the deposit you paid for the containers. You can also, on the other hand, donate empty containers to one of the chosen charities for recycling them, instead of dumping them in the garbage.

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Our Locations Choose to recycle your items you don't use anymore and earn money at our following locations: Surrey Langley Vancouver Maple Ridge


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