Cabos San Lucas by Elizabeth G.

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Los cabos San Lucas : 

Los cabos San Lucas My dream is visit los Cabos San Luca Mexico. Because it’s a wonderful an interesting place to know. Like architecture, history, food, and beaches.

Beaches of Los cabos San Lucas : 

Beaches of Los cabos San Lucas The reason I want to visit Los Cabos San Lucas is because is the perfect beach destination for families with kids of all age . and gorgeous view went the sun is going down.


IGLESIA DE CABOS SAN LUCAS, Mexico The Iglesia the Cabos San Lucas its near the main plaza is a 20th century structure build with Spanish colonial architectural influences and the mi casa building are though to be the oldest remaining structures in Cabos San Lucas.

Los Cabos San Lucas : 

Cabos San Lucas , México was originally settled by native American tribes including the Pericues, a mystical native American tribe which is known for its arts as well as its extensive irrigation system. The nearby historic town was founded by the Spanish in 1730, the name of Cabo San Lucas was established more than four hundred years ago. Los Cabos San Lucas

Cabos san Lucas Mexico : 

Cabos san Lucas Mexico for all these reasons I hope some day I will be able to visit this lovely place in Mexico.

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