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Bath Vanities M3 - 37 Bessemer St Blacktown New South Wales 2148 1300132514 Bathroom Accessories Found In Abundance With new bathroom designs coming up there is another interesting design called as the back to wall baths opted by a lot of people in today’s time It is made in such a way that the bath fits in a corner of the bathroom in the neatest manner. It is a brilliant alternative to the standard bathroom designs and gives a break from the monotonous bathroom designs. This design allows the bath to be placed right in the middle of the bathroom as well and is an alternative to the usual straight bathrooms. These back to bath walls are available in a wide range of sizes and styles which are picked by the customer based on their requirement. They are also known to be ideal for small sized bathrooms. These baths are usually double ended making them perfect for long showers and these baths also have larger bath edges that can be used as a glass or a candle holder It is always better to choose a back to wall bath that is sourced from the top manufacturers who are well- known for their quality of work. The material used to construct the bath should be to top quality as well. Wherever the customer purchases the back to wall bath from it should offer long guarantees and the best product The small sized bathrooms can be made to look more glamorous and stylish by adding vanities in them By adding a small vanity in the bathroom even a small bathroom can look grander and more aesthetic. They can be found in magnificent colors and a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be either of a vintage look or an absolute modern look depending on how the customer wants the bathroom to look. By placing a vanity in the bathroom there can be a complete makeover of the bathroom It can also help storing in a small bathroom very easy. It gives a very clean and a contemporary view of the bathroom. It should be a must to add small bathroom vanities especially in unused corners. One can always add baskets and boxes to them in order to create more space for storage. A small bathroom vanity also of a small size can be put where the sinks are larger in sizes