Retirement Planning

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The lack of proper business structure can actually put your retirement at risk as well.


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Retirement Planning

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While as a job holder you might as well have started planning for your retirement from the first day of your job itself and also planning their retirement savings even before the day they are stepping into office.

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Entrepreneurs are Not as Serious as Job Holders about their Savings: Why? The number of 55+-year old Americans starting a commercial venture of their own is increasing with each passing day. The bad news – however – is the fact that they are not as serious about retirement planning as the job holders are.

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Retirement Plans for Entrepreneurs: What Should they Know? Entrepreneurs are actually more focused on putting back every scent on their business. They are reluctant to invest in a retirement plan because they fear that they will actually lose access to quick funds for their business.

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Separating your Personal and Business Finances The very first sagacious step towards planning your retirement is to separate your business accounts from your personal ones. Your business checking and savings account should only be used to meet your business expenses.Having separate business and personal accounts will also help you with better tax planning.

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You Retirement Planning Needs you to Invest Time! If your business makes for a significant part of your net worth then you should ideally choose low-risk investments for money, which is in no way connected to your business. Your business should never be the sole part of your retirement plan. Contribute your own personal savings to  your retirement plan  as well.

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As per the experts, most of the businesses that start out as sole proprietors choose to stay as sole proprietors. Your choice not to structure your business into an LLC puts your personal assets at risk. This, in turn, puts your retirement at risk as well.

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