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When questioning whether your substance use is problematic it can be a positive first step to get help with determining the answer. One of the best ways to tackle a problematic behaviour is to start by understanding it. We will work together to find out what triggers substance use which behaviours and responses are getting in the way and how to increase effective decision making. Addiction Counselling Barossa

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Alcohol Addiction Counsellor It can be easy to get mired in substance abuse but not so easy to work your way back out. We believe that when clients build a life that works they are empowered to free themselves from alcohol

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Barossa Depression Therapy Depression is a life-extinguisher like no other. We believe in supporting clients to learn strategies to tackle depression and promote taking action as a healthy non-drug-oriented solution to depression.

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Depression Counselling Barossa

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Barossa Strong explores how your thoughts feelings and behaviour impact your overall well-being then looks to hold these experiences in a different light to encourage a more enjoyable life experience. We include mindful practices to help people increase awareness and develop an attitude of acceptance and compassion in the presence of painful thoughts and feelings.

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Barossa Relationship Counselling We also heavily highlight the role of values to provide direction and action to help people create meaningful lives. Barossa Strong offers people a way to develop a new relationship with pain and suffering relating to depression. A main assumption of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is that pain is a normal and unavoidable part of being human and that it is perfectly healthy to have whatever emotions arise in the presence of painful experiences. However people’s understandable desire to control or avoid their own thoughts and feelings can actually lead to much long-term and unnecessary suffering.

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Originally from Toronto Canada I am a certified psychotherapist who has relocated my private practice from Hong Kong to Tanunda in the Heart of the Barossa Valley. As a Barossan newcomer it is not lost on me that this is a small community and with that comes reluctance to opening up to someone who is likely to know people you know in your life. I have the benefit of coming to the region from Hong Kong with a blank slate and have the ability to completely separate what goes on at Barossa Strong to the outside community. 100 confidentiality is always maintained and no judgements are ever made. This is a completely safe environment.

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Contact Us Company Name:-Barossa Strong Website:- Phone No.:-0459555440 Address :-15 Maria Street Tanunda South Australia 5352 Australia

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