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Graphing Data : 

Graphing Data Showing patterns & trends 2010-2011

Types of data (information) : 

Types of data (information) Variables dependent variable measured variable unpredictable change: we don’t know how it will change until we do the investigation Y-axis independent variable manipulated variable predictable change: it only changes because we chose how it would change X-axis Constant Variables Remain the same throughout the experiment Bio-H 2010-11 The effect of _____________on _____________ Independent Variable Dependent Variable

Examples of experiment - A : 

Examples of experiment - A How does light color affect the growth rate of plants? we set up an experiment testing different colors of light on different plants & measuring the growth (height) of the plants: dependent variable (Y-axis)? height of plants independent variable (X-axis)? Color of light (wavelength) Bio-H 2010-11 The effect of _____________on _____________ Amount of Fertilizer Height of Plants

Examples of experiments -B : 

Examples of experiments -B How does caffeine affect heart rate of science teachers? we set up an experiment testing different amounts of caffeine (mg) on the heart rate of teachers: dependent variable (Y-axis)? heart rate (bpm) independent variable (X-axis)? Amount of caffeine (mg) Biology H – 2010-11 The effect of _____________on _____________ Caffeine Heart Rate

Examples of experiments C : 

Examples of experiments C What’s the favorite candy bar of students? we set up an experiment surveying students and asking which is their favorite candy bar : dependent variable (Y-axis)? number of students independent variable (X-axis)? type of drink Biology H – 2010-11 The effect of _____________on _____________ Candy Bar type Number of students

Making pictures out of data : 

Making pictures out of data Graphs line graph Use when data shows a trend or continuous change bar graph (or histograms) Use when graphing data that is in disconnected groups Biology H – 2010-11

Slide 7: 

Biology-H 2010-11 How does elevation affect temperature? elevation temperature 1200 ft? 18 Line graph!

Slide 8: 

Biology H 2010-11 Which Candy Bar do you like best? type of candy number of students Reese’s Cup?? RC RC Bar graph!