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Interactive Power PointBasic Functions in math- Secondary Education : 

Interactive Power PointBasic Functions in math- Secondary Education Stephanie Barnard ED205-11 quit functions

Slide 2: 

I would use this to supplement the lesson. I would talk about each function more in-depth while going through the PowerPoint. This would also work as a quick review for students. quit functions

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Main Slide Definition of a function Video about functions Examples of plots Examples of plots and equations that are not functions Examples of equations that are functions quit functions

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Check out this video, entitled “Introduction to Functions.” quit functions

Definition of a function : 

Definition of a function “A function is a set of ordered pairs (x,y) in which each value of x is paired with exactly one value in y” FST book For each (x,y) there is only one y value that corresponds to each x value. quit functions

Examples of Functions : 

Examples of Functions F(x)= 2x F(x)=x+5 f(x)= x^2 F(x)= √x F(x)= log(x) F(x)= 2^x f(x)= 3 F(x)= cos(x) F(x)=sin(x) F(x)=tan(x) F(x)= 1/x F(x)= 1/x^2 quit functions

Tangent functions : 

Tangent functions Cos(x)=y Sin(x)=y Tan(x)=y Periodic functions repeat themselves. Sine’s and cosine’s period is 2π Tangent’s period is π quit functions

cosine : 

cosine quit functions Tangent functions

sine : 

sine quit functions Tangent functions

tangent : 

tangent The vertical lines do not exist, the computer can not plot graphs with asymptotes. quit functions Tangent functions

Logarithmic functions : 

Logarithmic functions Log(x)=y means 10^y=x Ln(x)=y means e^y=x quit functions

Log(x) : 

Log(x) quit functions Logarithmic functions

Ln(x) : 

Ln(x) quit functions Logarithmic functions

constant : 

constant F(x)=y=k, where k is any real number. For al inputs, the output is always k. F(x)=2 F(x)=-2 quit functions

Exponential : 

Exponential In the form of y=a*b^x, where a and b are real numbers. The y-intercept is a. Y=2^x Y= 5*3^x Y=-2*2^x Y=5*-2^x quit functions

Y=5*-2^x : 

Y=5*-2^x quit functions Exponential functions

Y=-2*2^x : 

Y=-2*2^x quit functions Exponential functions

Y= 5*3^x : 

Y= 5*3^x quit functions Exponential functions

Y=2^x : 

Y=2^x quit functions Exponential functions

quadratic : 

quadratic In the form of y=a*x^b Y=X^2 y=x^(-1)= 1/x Y=-2*x^5 y=x^(-2)=1/(x^2) Y=x^3 Y=x^(1/2) If b is even then it looks similar to x^2. Where the graph is a parabola. If a is positive it opens up, if a is negative then it opens down. If b is odd then it take on a quit functions

Y=√x= x^(1/2) : 

Y=√x= x^(1/2) Y=√x is also a quadratic because √x = x^(1/2) quit functions Quadratic functions

Y=x^3 : 

Y=x^3 quit functions Quadratic functions

Y=-2*x^5 : 

Y=-2*x^5 quit functions Quadratic functions

Y=X^2 : 

Y=X^2 quit functions Quadratic functions

Linear functions : 

Linear functions In the form of f(x)=y=ax+b, where a and b are real numbers. The y intercept is b. the x intercept is –b/a Y=2x Y=x+5 Y=-5x-3 quit quit functions

Y=2x : 

Y=2x quit quit functions Linear functions

Y=x+5 : 

Y=x+5 quit quit functions Linear functions

Y=-5x-3 : 

Y=-5x-3 quit quit functions Linear functions

Graphs for functions : 

Graphs for functions quit quit functions

Examples of graphs and equations that are not functions : 

Examples of graphs and equations that are not functions y^2=x X=3 X^2+y^2=1 quit quit functions

Resources : 

Resources Pictures: video: Text: Senk, Sharon, ed. Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry. Second Edition. The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project. Glenview Illinois: Addison Wesley Longman: 1998. quit quit functions

Author’s Slide : 

Author’s Slide Stephanie Barnard I am a mathematics with an emphasis in secondary education major at Grand Valley State University. Click to Email me quit quit functions

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