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Seth M.R.Jaipuria School Bansal Campus is one of the Best CBSE School In Lucknow, imparting quality education with a sustainable learning environment. Seth M.R. Jaipuria School Is The Top School In Lucknow. Jaipuria school campus is eco-friendly with herbal garden, zoological corner, and rainwater harvesting. Spacious classrooms, playground, and beautifully landscaped lawns provide ample opportunities to explore and learn


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Our Legacy and Motto – Seth M.R. Jaipuria School Bansal Campus:

Our Legacy and Motto – Seth M.R. Jaipuria School Bansal Campus


OUR LEGACY AND MOTTO Seth M.R. Jaipuria School Bansal Campus brags of craftsmanship foundation with extensive classrooms. The elegant school building has special theme based interiors which pave way for reasonable blissful learning. Big grounds with homegrown greenery enclosure, zoological corner, and rainwater harvesting system speaks a ton about this best school in Lucknow. Spacious classrooms and flawlessly arranged yards give abundant chances to every student to explore, observe and learn. Bansal Education Trust is established on 11th December 2007 to advance and give the best academic facilities to the children of Lucknow. Since its origin, the school is venturing towards the path to accomplish higher scholastic standards thus making its mark as the best CBSE school in Lucknow. To guarantee quality education, the school takes all the necessary steps and will never back down when it comes to maintaining the standards which made the school stand out as a prominent CBSE school in Lucknow . Our school intends to provide the right foundation required for every young student to develop in all walks of life.


THE SCHOOL AIMS To impart integral education, general, as well as vocational to all, irrespective of caste, creed, and colour in an atmosphere of purity, efficiency, discipline, and fraternity with special emphasis on moral and spiritual values and character building rooted in Indian culture. •  To ensure all-round development of integrated personality of the scholars through efficient education under the guidance of highly dedicated and competent teachers • To provide training in leadership and experience in self-governance through the prefectorial system and other allied positions of responsibility •  To promote the creative potential of children through art, dance, music and other forms of performing arts •  To foster discipline and fraternity with special emphasis on national integration and foster international understanding and brotherhood •  To instill among learners awareness for maintaining environmental purity and ecological harmony • To improve self-confidence and creativity through participation and involvement in co-curricular activities


ACADEMICS Biological Science This part of science deals with living organisms, their structures, molecular reactions, and physical traits. To get a better understanding of this interesting segment of science our school provides hands-on experience by making the students do the following experiments : 1: Students will study pollen germination on a slide. 2: Students will collect and study soil from at least from two different sites and study them for texture, moisture content, pH & water holding capacity and will compare them with the kinds of plants found in them. 3: They will collect water from two different water bodies nearby and will study them for pH, clarity, and presence of any living organisms in them. 4: Students study the presence of suspended particulate matter in the air at two widely different sites. 5: Students in our school Study the plant population density by quadrat method which provides them with a better understanding. 6: Students will study the plant population frequency by the quadrat method. 7: Students will prepare a temporary mount of onion root tips to study mitosis. 8: They will also study the effect of different temperatures & 3 different pH on the activity of salivary amylase on starch. 9: They will be taught to Isolate DNA from available plant material such as spinach, green pea seeds, papaya, etc. and will study them.


ACADEMICS Chemistry The students try to unfold the mysterious world of chemicals. They try various methods to discover something new. The subject is divided into 5 sub-subjects to promote deeper learning of the topic in hand. A – Surface chemistry This branch involves (a). Preparation of one lyophilic and one lyophobic sol Lyophilic sol – starch, gum and egg albumin Lyophobic sol- Aluminum Hydroxide, Ferric Hydroxide, Arsenous Sulphide . (b). Dialysis of the solution prepared above which are lyophilic and lyophobic sol. (c). Study the role of emulsifying agents in stabilizing the emulsion of different oils. B – Chemical Kinetics (a). Effect of concentration and temperature on the rate of reaction between Sodium Thiosulphate & Hydrochloric acid. (b). Study of reaction rates of any one of the following: ( i ). The reaction of Iodide ion with Hydrogen Peroxide at room temperature using a different concentration of Iodide ions. (ii). The reaction between Potassium iodate, (KIO3,) & Sodium Sulphite : (Na2SO3,) using the starch solution as indicator (clock reaction).


ACADEMICS Computer Computer science in our school is both a core subject as well as an activity. Information on new techniques of networking, the latest development in peripheral devices, languages etc. are made available to the students. The students show extreme felicity in preparing programmes and high-tech software. Creative Writing (Hindi & English ) This activity gives a new approach to writing. It provides a wonderful opportunity to get maximum exposure to a wide array of genres modes and approaches to writing. The most remarkable contribution of this activity is the school chronicle. Besides, newsletters are also published quarterly. Environmental Science An awareness regarding environmental protection and sustainable development is to be created among our students. The study of E.V.S. is incorporated as an essential part of learning in our institution. The students are motivated to participate in various environment-related projects. Geography Modelling The varied landforms, the atmosphere, the oceans etc. have undoubtedly caught the imagination of our young students. The Geography modeling activity is essentially a creative activity, where the students make miniature forms of geographical features. Discussions are held to comprehend the unfathomable secrets of Mother Nature.


ACADEMICS Physical Science Physics is the science that finds applicability in almost every aspect of human life, be it falling of an apple, rising of tides in the sea, or the launching of the rocket. To induce the young minds to develop a scientific temper of physics models, projects and experiments play a vital role. To provide hands-on experience, students will do various experiments 1: To determine resistance per cm of a given wire by plotting a graph for potential difference versus current. 2: To find the resistance of a given wire using meter bridge and hence determine the resistivity (specific resistance) of its material. 3: To verify the laws of combination (series) of resistances using a meter bridge. 4: To verify the Laws of combination (parallel) of resistances using a meter bridge. 5: To compare the EMF of two given primary cells using a potentiometer. 6: To determine the internal resistance of a given primary cell using a potentiometer. 7: To determine the resistance of a galvanometer by the half-deflection method and to find its figure of merit. 8: To convert the given galvanometer (of known resistance and figure of merit) into a voltmeter of the desired range and to verify the same. 9: To convert the given galvanometer (of known resistance and figure of merit) into an ammeter of the desired range and to verify the same. 10: To find the frequency of AC mains with a Sonometer.


ACADEMICS Yoga and Aerobics This activity includes stretching exercises, body postures and balancing poses to make our body flexible. In yoga, the students practice several yogasans like Padmasana , Vajrayana, Ushtasana , Gaumukhasana , which enrich the activity sessions. Home Science It gives training to young students on how to manage the daily affairs, the smallest tasks and how to do simple household work on their own. Electronics Armed with creativity and inquisitiveness the students create various gadgets like the fortune teller, remote control projection, automobile fountain, music system.


ACADEMICS SPORTS “A sound mind in a sound body’’ Games and sports form an integral part of the  Jaipuria School Bansal Campus curriculum. The school provides indoor and outdoor sports facilities and ensures adequate exposure through inter-house, inter school and CBSE cluster sports events. Large playfield with a plethora of sports facilities. Indoor games-Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess, and Carom. Outdoor Games-Basket Ball, Football, Volleyball, and Cricket. Yoga, Aerobics, Martial Arts and Skating. This school, hands down is the  best school in Lucknow  one can provide for their children .

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