What if Abraham wasn't born?

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What if Abraham was not born….?:

What if Abraham was not born….? By baonhia Vang 1/15/14 Period: 4


background Abraham is one of the most significant people in history because he is claimed as the father of the Jews, Muslims and Christians. Abraham was death in 1801 BC

Event 1:

Event 1 Abraham’s people were treated as slaves in Egypt.

Evidence: :

Evidence: The Israelites had to work long and hard at making building bricks for the Egyptians . S laves were often treated as property.

Event 2:

Event 2 Israelis believed in polytheist instead of monotheist

Evidence: :

Evidence: Ancient Israel started out as a Polytheistic nation that latter ‘evolved’ into a Monotheistic Religion and that they blended their bibles (religious lore) and amalgamated their gods, El and Yahweh [Lord], into one single god

Event 3:

Event 3 Christianity and Islam would not have borrow ideas from Judaism.


Evidence: Monotheistic religions got their ideas from ancient Egyptian religions and the similarities between Islam, Christianity and Judaism is similar and that they all borrowed big ideas from Egypt.

What would the world be different?:

What would the world be different? People would not know who is Abraham.


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