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Is Yours a Learning Organization?:

Is Yours a Learning Organization? Presented by Bandinee Pradhan 12DM023 PGDM Sec- A

What is Learning Organization?:

What is Learning Organization? A learning organization is an organization skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge . New ideas are essential if learning is to take place

Why Important?:

Why Important? To ensure that learning takes place For continuous improvement Without learning, old practices are repeated To provide a linkage between learning and continuous improvement

How To Build It?:

How To Build It? Five Key Building Blocks Systematic Problem Solving Experimentation Learning from Past Experience Learning from Others Transferring Knowledge

Systematic Problem Solving:

Systematic Problem Solving Relies on the scientific method, rather than guesswork Insists on data, rather than assumptions Uses simple statistical tools to organize data and draw inferences


Experimentation The systematic search and test of new knowledge Usually motivated by opportunity, not by problems

Learning from Past Experience:

Learning from Past Experience A productive failure is one that leads to insight, understanding, and thus an addition to the commonly held wisdom of the organization. The knowledge gained from failures often instrumental in achieving subsequent success… IBM’s 360, was based on technology of Stretch computer

Learning from Others:

Learning from Others Not all learning comes from reflection and self-analysis. Sometimes the most powerful insights comes from looking outside one’s immediate environment to gain new perspective. an ongoing investigation and learning experience that ensures that best industry practices are uncovered, analyzed, adopted, and implemented.

Transferring Knowledge:

Transferring Knowledge Ideas carry maximum impact when they are shared broadly rather than held in few hands – This can be written, oral, visual reports, site visits and tours, personal rotation programs, education and training programs. Absorbing facts by reading them or seeing them demonstrated is one thing. Personal rotation programs are one of the most powerful methods of transferring knowledge.


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