1st experiment - Evaporation of water

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This presentation is part of the Comenius-project WATER IN OUR LIVES This experiment was made by 1st graders (age 6-7) of St. Marien-Schule in Moers/Germany


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1 st Experiment March 2013 - grade 1 Germany Comenius-Project 2012-2013 Water in our Lives

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What makes water evaporate ? Setting: We take a wet flanel and wipe our black board . Now we discuss how to get the blackboard dry again . Children have some ideas : Wiping with a dry flanel We are too impatient ! How can we fasten the project ? Just waiting ( normaly next schoolday the blackboard will be dry).

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idea : we fawn with a paper and produce some wind, like the wind in summer drying the washing ! Puh, that is exhausting !!! idea : Turn on the heating This could work as water evaporates faster when it is warm. But we don‘t want to sweat and wait that long . What makes water evaporate ?

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idea using idea1 and idea 2 We take a hair dryer and blow -dry the blackboard . Yeah , that works !!! But why ? What makes water evaporate ? Water evaporates when it is getting warm. The hair dryer blows the humid air away , so „dry“ hot air can absorb new evaporating water .

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