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This tutorial is provided by Bally Chohan about introdution to HTML 5 for beginners.


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Introduction To HTML 5:

Introduction To HTML 5 By – BALLY CHOHAN


Contents Introduction to HTML. Why HTML5? HTML 5 an overview HTML5 features Difference between HTML4 and HTML5 Future scope Conclusion -Bally Chohan 2

HTML : An Outline:

HTML : An Outline Stands for  H yper  T ext  M arkup  L anguage. Not a programming language, it is a  markup language. A markup language is a set of  markup tags. Markup tags  are used to describe web pages. 3 -Bally Chohan


TAGS Keywords surrounded by  angle brackets  < > like <html> They  come in pairs  like <b> and </b> Common tags are :- <html> <head> <div> <body> <a> <p> <h1> 4 -Bally Chohan

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5 -Bally Chohan

Document Object Model:

Document Object Model Cross platform, language independent model Represents and interacts with objects in HTML documents 6 -Bally Chohan

Why HTML5 ?:

Why HTML5 ? HTML4 hasn’t been updated for about 10 years. XHTML was introduced but it made things stricter and not easier. Embedding audio/video was dependent on flash etc. New websites have to be interactive. 7

HTML4 - drawbacks:

HTML4 - drawbacks It does not adequately support web applications. Complex structuring of web pages. Complex DTDs Need plug-ins to embed audio and video. Does not support drag and drop features, editing, drawing, error handling etc 8

An Overview :

An Overview HTML5 (referred to as Web Applications 1.0) is an improvement of HTML4.0 and XHTML1.0 Work started in 2003 by W3C and WHATWG Released a draft version in 2008. A change from document markup language to a web application language. An attempt to enhance the functionality and flexibility of the web. 9


…contd. Provides interoperability. Backward compatible New features like form control, APIs, multimedia, structure semantics , local storage etc. Consistent and defined error handling Internal data storage. 10 -Bally Chohan

PowerPoint Presentation:

11 HTML5 FEATURES New elements Structural elements Multi-media elements Inline elements New input types New attributes Local Storage New APIs -Bally Chohan

Structural elements :

Structural elements 12 Structuring in HTML4 -Bally Chohan

PowerPoint Presentation:

13 Structuring in HTML5;

HTML5 vs. HTML4:

14 HTML5 vs. HTML4 Support of multimedia Language for web applications rather than document markup language Localized data speeding up caching .searching etc <canvas> tag for 2D graphics APIs for in-browser application allowing editing, drag and drop etc -Bally Chohan

Future Scope:

15 Future Scope Can get rid of proprietary add-ons (like Flash/ S ilverlight /JAVAFX) Web apps faster with better user experience Difference between desktop and web apps blurred. Standard for web applications -Bally Chohan

Thank you..:

Thank you.. Queries !! 16 - By Bally Chohan

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