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This tutorial is provided by Bally Chohan about introdution to css for beginners.


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CSS Web Design Tutorial :

CSS Web Design Tutorial Tutorial # 1-By Bally Chohan


introduction Have you ever wondered what the acronym CSS means, how it works and what are its advantages. Then you have to wonder no more as you are in the right place or I say the right page in which we will cover gradually from the basic to the advance about the most powerful and popular web design scripting style language known to the web masters and to a limited amount of non-web expert laymen as CSS. Basics of CSS: So what does CSS actually stands for. CSS which is pronounced as “See S S ” is an abbreviation of Cascading Style Sheet. Basically it is not a scripting language but a html style formatting script for defining more options for standardized browser friendly layout of a web site. It is build on the foundation of html web design scripting language and defines such options as background image, background color, image position, page width, page margins, page height and many other advanced features which we will cover as the tutorial progresses.

Css Tutorial by Bally chohan:

Css Tutorial by Bally chohan How is it different from HTML HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a website design language while CSS is a scripting language that provides solid formatting options for the web site which creates diverse web browser compatible layout. Summary: CSS “Cascading Style Sheet” is a scripting language which is used for the formatting of html based websites. It controls such options such as web layout, color, fonts, margins, images, borders. The main objective of CSS is to provide standardized layout and formatting options that is compatible to a wide assortment of web browsers. In the next lesson we will be covering the basic formatting option of CSS web design script. For good example of a CSS optimized site visit the bally chohan it solutions site.  

Css Tutorial by Bally chohan:

Css Tutorial by Bally chohan Learn CSS step by step This website is all about CSS, a key tool in web design. In case you’re not familiar with CSS:  CSS is the sister technology to HTML that is used to style your web pages.  The details are in the tutorial, but for now we can say that CSS can make your web pages look great!

Css Tutorial by Bally chohan:

Css Tutorial by Bally chohan Written with beginners in mind As with all my writing, I tried to make this web design tutorial on CSS as easy as possible to follow. Instead of a boring-nerd centric style, I’ve used more of a conversational style. This tutorial website is like anything else in life; you get back what you put into it. So if you really want to learn how to design great looking pages, resist the temptation to stop halfway to use a web design program like FrontPage or Dreamweaver. By finishing the tutorial you will gain a big advantage over all the others out there that gave up! - See more at: http://www.csstutorial.net/#sthash.piH54tPD.dpuf

Thank You-by Bally chohan:

Thank You -by Bally chohan

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