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EDU 222 Introduction to Special Education - Syllabus Overview ( T urn on computer speakers for Audio Component ) 1

Text & Contact Information:

Text & Contact Information Textbook : Textbook: Exceptional Lives, 7th Ed., Turnbull, (Pearson Publishing) ISBN10:0-13-282177-X, ISBN 13: 978-0-13-282177-3 How to reach me: barbara.breeze @centralaz.edu 2


Assignments Pre-test - 1 @ 8 points = 8 points Study Guides – 14 @ 5 points each = 70 points Discussion Boards – 14 @ 3 points each = 42 points Case Studies – 4 @ 10 points each = 40 points Group PowerPoint Presentation – 1 @ 40 points Individual Research Paper – 1 @ 40 points Final Exam – 1 @ 40 points = 40 points 3

Assignments and Due Dates :

Assignments and Due Dates Please click on the Start Here tab. In addition to the syllabus, you will find the assignment and due date overview. This will be a very important guide for you! Print and place it in the front of your EDU 222 folder. You can check off each assignment as you complete it! 4

Important Notes:

Important Notes I will strive to provide prompt grading and feedback throughout the semester. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. Late work (no later than one week) may be accepted for limited credit . However, if for some reason you are unable to complete your assignments on time please notify me in advance . If I do not hear from you via email, I will assume that you have no valid excuse for the late submittal. I cannot accept work that is more than one week late . This is your responsibility. We will be covering many different topics in the area of special education, some of them may be new to you and some you may know very well, but all are extremely worthwhile and important! We welcome your input and experience. 5

Thank you for joining our online learning community. Let’s have a very productive semester!:

6 Thank you for joining our online learning community. Let’s have a very productive semester!

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