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EDU 221 Syllabus Overview (T urn on computer speakers for Audio Component )

Text & Contact Information:

Text & Contact Information Textbook : Textbook (CD-ROM): Becoming a Teacher, Marjorie Schiller, ISBN 9781932981865. How to reach me: barbara.breeze @centralaz.edu


Assignments Organization Assignment – 1 @ 5 points Reflection Journal #1 – 1 @ 6 points - In the Assignment Tab – Week 1 Study Guides - 9 (with 27 questions) @ 1 point each - In the Assignments Tab by week they are due Discussion Questions - 13 @ 4 points each - In the Discussion Board Tab Current Issues PowerPoint – 1 @ 10 points - In the Discussion Board Tab – Week 7

Assignments and Due Dates :

Assignments and Due Dates In the syllabus tab, you will find a very important guide for you! It is titled Assignments and Due Dates Overview. Print it and place it in the front of your EDU 221 folder. You can check off each assignment as you complete it!

Important Notes:

Important Notes At least 20 hours of classroom observations need to be completed- see guidelines on Page 2 of the syllabus under Observation Requirement. Information on obtaining a IVP Fingerprint Card is in External Links Tab. Request forms and Observation logs are in Course Documents tab. Please start your observations as soon as possible! Prompt feedback will be provided per assignment by instructor. Late work (no later than one week) may be accepted for limited credit.

Thank you for joining our learning community! Have a Great Semester!:

Thank you for joining our learning community! Have a Great Semester!

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