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Transition Layer from Basic to Advanced Language :

Transition Layer from Basic to Advanced Language

Student Profiles:

Student Profiles

Progression of the Transition Layer:

Progression of the Transition Layer

Where to Begin:

Where to Begin

Syllabication Unit :

Syllabication Unit

Introducing a New Syllable Type:

Introducing a New Syllable Type

Prefixes & Suffixes:

Prefixes & Suffixes Transition Layer lesson plan package Outlined in the scope and sequence Listed in the weekly plans Worksheets found through the package Check for understanding activities at the end of each week

The Doubling Rule:

The Doubling Rule The 1+1+1 Rule: The 2+1+1 Rule:

The Silent “E” Rule:

The Silent “E” Rule Common Exceptions include: Keep the final “e” for words ending in “ ce ” or “ ge ” if the suffix begins with an “a” or an “o” (ex: manageable, traceable, courageous) Keep the final “e” when the final “e” is part of a vowel team (ex: agreeing, seeing) Keep the final “e” with the suffix “able” (ex: likeable)

The “Y to an I” Rule:

The “Y to an I” Rule Common Exceptions include: If there is a vowel immediately before the “y” (ex: oy , ay, ey ) If the suffix begins with an “ i ” (ex: ing , ish )

Conclusion :


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