Mod 17 - Suffixes

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Introduction of Affixes:

Introduction of Affixes

The Doubling Rule:

The Doubling Rule The 1+1+1 Rule: The 2+1+1 Rule:

The Silent “E” Rule:

The Silent “E” Rule Common Exceptions include: Keep the final “e” for words ending in “ ce ” or “ ge ” if the suffix begins with an “a” or an “o” (ex: manageable, traceable, courageous) Keep the final “e” when the final “e” is part of a vowel team (ex: agreeing, seeing) Keep the final “e” with the suffix “able” (ex: likeable)

The “Y to an I” Rule:

The “Y to an I” Rule Common Exceptions include: If there is a vowel immediately before the “y” (ex: oy , ay, ey ) If the suffix begins with an “ i ” (ex: ing , ish )



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