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Ayurvedic Medicine For Kidney

About Us:

About Us At Arogya Dham you get to interact with Ayurvedic doctors or Vaidyas who have a significant experience of providing patients. We provide Ayurvedic Treatments that are thoroughly tested and evaluated. The best aspect is that the therapies are provided by trained and experienced therapists under the guidance of our professional Ayurvedic consultants . According to Ayurveda , lack of illness is not enough to indicate great health. True health represents to health of individual body as well as mind. The Ayurvedic Treatments offered at Arogya Dham medical centre are totally based on this principle and hence we take into consideration every patient’s mental health and fitness while dealing with physical illness. http://arogyadhamhcc.com

What is Ayurveda? :

What is Ayurveda ? Ayurveda of the word is made up of two words, ‘age of life’ and ‘Veda’ means the wisdom, knowledge and essence. Ayurveda means implemented has resulted in the overall health, goodwill and happiness of knowledge if it is a matter of life for the ancient wisdom of India’s life, but medicine, but atmniscyi or one of the essentials of knowing the essential nature The system is there. What is the aim of Ayurveda ? Ayurveda’s Positive Health and Science of Complete Life Ayurveda has two basic aims: Healthy people health care Reed disease http://arogyadhamhcc.com

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Contact Us Arogyadham Ayurvedic Centre 77, National Shopping Complex, G.T.. Road, Amritsar.   +91-7087428781   [email protected] http://arogyadhamhcc.com