Genetic Testing Result Means

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What does genetic test results means. For more details on genetic testing, visit:


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Genetic Testing Result Means :

Genetic Testing Result Means

Before Genetic Testing:

Before Genetic Testing The result of genetic testing can be life changing. It is important for patients and their families to ask questions about the potential meaning of genetic test results. Genetic counseling should be provided before and after the genetic testing. The outcome of a genetic testing will either be negative or positive.

Genetic Testing:

Genetic Testing This tests will help to determine whether you, your partner, or your baby carry genes for certain inherited disorders . Genetic tests are done by analyzing small samples of blood or body tissues.  The type of genetic test needed to make a specific diagnosis is based on the particular illness.

Genetic Testing During Pregnancy :

Genetic Testing During Pregnancy Before birth, pregnant women may decide to undergo b lood test available to women to screen for some disorders . If further problem is detected amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS) may be recommended . This fluid can be tested to check for genetic problems and to determine the sex of the child . CVS is usually performed between the 10th and 12th weeks of pregnancy.

Negative Result Means :

Negative Result Means If the test results have shown negative, then it means there is no change in gene or chromosomes. This result can indicate that a person is not affected by a particular disorder also not a carrier of a specific genetic mutation . In order to confirm, further testing may be required to confirm a negative result .

Positive Result Means:

Positive Result Means If the test result has come positive means that there is a change in a particular gene, chromosome, or protein of interest. The test result indicates that a person is a carrier of a particular genetic mutation identify an increased risk of developing a disease. Further testing may required to finalize the type of genetic disorder.


Conclusion Uninformative test results sometimes occur because everyone has common, natural variations in their DNA, that do not affect health . When interpreting test results, healthcare professionals consider a person's medical history, family history, and the type of genetic testing  that was done . For genetic screening test in Dubai, visit :  

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