Three Easy Tips to Get Your Site Indexed on Google

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Find out how to get your site indexed by Google in thr


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Three Easy Steps to Get Your Site Indexed on Google:

Three Easy Steps to Get Your Site Indexed on Google A 10 minute quick fix for a bsolute b eginners Tips from online marketing agency, A. W. Consulting

1. Register Your Site with Google Webmaster Tools:

1. Register Your Site with Google Webmaster Tools Go to: and sign up Enter your site address and information You will be asked to “verify your site”- download the HTML file by following the instructions and add it to your site (ask your webmaster or an expert about how to do this ) Google will now know to look at your site and index the information on it Why? If search engines don’t know your site exists, it can’t be included in their records, and your site won’t appear in search results. Ultimately, nobody will be able to find you by searching online.

2. Claim your Google Places listing:

2 . Claim your Google Places listing Go to: and sign up Complete the information as necessary, making sure you spell everything correctly Have your mobile phone handy, as Google will send you a verification pin which you’ll need to input here Provide your address details and wait for your final pin to be sent in 1-2 weeks time Why? When potential customers search for your services, business registered locally with Google will appear higher up the search rankings. What’s more you can link this with your website, which help drive traffic to it.

3. Ensure your site has a sitemap:

3. Ensure your site has a sitemap If you’re using a template to build your site, you may already have one of these To check, type your web address, followed by /sitemap.xml If you have one, you should see a page with a list of all your site’s pages. If not, then you’ll need to create one. To do this, use a free tool like: Fill in your details, and ask your webmaster to add the file to your site Then, go to your Google Webmaster account and click “Add sitemap” Type the location of the sitemap, e.g. Why? Sitemaps make it easier for search engines to see what pages are on your site. In theory, if you haven’t structured your site effectively, this gives search engines an extra hint on where to look for content.

Then wait…:

Then wait… After a day or two you should be able to see your site when you search online. However, because your site is new, it will probably rank very low as you will need to start building links and encouraging visits from other sites, social networks, and local directories. To see if you site has started to rank, try a free tool such as SEO Centro How do I do this? You will need to optimise your site using a process called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which involves writing content with the keywords you want to rank for; building genuine links from other sites (e.g. industry/trade sites that are relevant to your services/products); and keeping your content fresh by updating your site regularly. For in depth advice on what to do, we recommend reading “Inbound Marketing and SEO: Insights from the SEOMoz blog" ” or speak to a local online marketing expert.