Nanotechnology and Mobile phones


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Nanotechnology and Mobile phones :

Nanotechnology and Mobile phones Vinodh (259845)

Nutshell of the Presentation:

Nutshell of the Presentation Outline of Nanotechnology Basic concepts of Nanotechnology Social roots of Nanotechnology Diversified fields in Nanotechnology Nano materials Potential threats of Nanotechnology Applications of Nanotechnology Nanotechnology in Mobile phones Concept of Motorola on Nanotechnology Concept of Nokia on Nanotechnology Verbal Conclusion


Nanotechnology-Definition Design and fabrication of material and system with control at nanometer dimensions . Matter that is so small that exist in atomic and molecular realm. Understanding and control of matter at dimensions roughly 1 to 100 nanometers. Engineered structures smaller than 100 nanometers.

Size comparison:

Size comparison Head of Pin = 1-2 mm Human hair = 10-120 µm diameter Red Blood Cells = 2-5 µm DNA = 2-12 nm CNT = 1.3 nm diameter Carbon Bucky Ball = 1 nm

Nanotechnology—Basic concepts:

Nanotechnology—Basic concepts Basic concept of Nanotechnology Bottom-up approach– auto assembly of molecular components by molecular recognition Top-down approach- Objects constructed from larger entities Quantum size effect –Properties of solids are altered with greater reduction in particle size.

Social roots of Nanotechnology:

Concept of Nanotechnology proposed by Sir Richard Feynman. First Electronic device patent passed. IBM invented Scanning tunneling microscope in Zurich. Drexler published a paper on molecular manufacturing and advanced nanotechnology. Sir Richard Smalley of Rice University discovered Buckley balls. IBM discovered the movement of 35 Xenon atoms around Nickel surface in an experiment. Discovery of Carbon Nanotube. US Research lab devoted to Nano science. US launched the first National Nano-technology initiative. Construction of Molecular Scale Circuit. US President signed a Nano-technology R&D act for 3.7M Dollars for the next 4yrs. General-purpose Molecular Manufacturing. Sean Murdock Keynoted IIT Center on Nanotechnology and Society Nano policy Conference in US. International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory started under Spanish-Portuguese Collaboration . US insurance company Continental Western Group (CWG) issued a statement noting that it would exclude Nanotube and nanotechnology from its coverage. 2010 New open-access journal of nanotechnology launched by Beilstein Institute. Social roots of Nanotechnology

Diversified fields of Nanotechnology:

Diversified fields of Nanotechnology Nanotechnology

Nano materials:

Nano materials Fullerenes Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Fullerene Single walled CNT Multi walled CNT

Properties of Nano materials:

Properties of Nano materials Non-reactive due graphite bonding stability. Super aromaticity. Heat resistance and super conductivity. Good semiconductors Good ballistic conduction. High tensile strength

Potential threats from Nanotechnology.:

Potential threats from Nanotechnology. Miniature Weapons and Explosives Disassembles for Military Use Uncontrolled Nano machines Self Replicating Nano machines Monitoring Tracking

Peculiar applications of Nanotechnology:

Peculiar applications of Nanotechnology As a sensor in capturing and recognizing a specified molecule As a space elevator– link between space science and nanotechnology As a biostructure for human repair and idea of self assembly As a energy storage device with absorption of sunlight.

Motorola’s Innovation with Nanotechnology:

Nano power: High capacity power sources (storage, conversion and advanced fuel cells. Motorola’s Innovation with Nanotechnology Nano antennas: Nano scale fractal antennas for multiple spectra and broadband Nano keypads: tougher, stiffer and lighter materials Nano displays: Large, low cost and brighter displays based on embedded sensors Nano composites: stronger, tougher, stiffer and lighter materials (adhesives, structural and optical functionality


Nano-composites Mobile phone casing (housing) requires a high stiffness, toughness, moldability, paintability, surface finish, flame retardance, chemical resistance, thermal stability, recyclability etc. It enables application-specific, tailored material design.

Nokia ‘s innovation in Nanotechnology:

Nokia ‘s innovation in Nanotechnology Energy consumption User interface Speed Connectivity More computation Integration Reliability Thermal Management Memory Power processing Features and user experience Connectivity. Ambient –awareness and quick adaptive Environmental issues and security Trustworthiness

Mobile cover with nano dressing:

Mobile cover with nano dressing Scratch and abrasion resistant (Optics and display protection) Self cleaning surfaces Electro magnetic shielding ( High Electrical conductivity) Cooling mechanism Faster Production times Freedom in shapes Optical effects and changing graffiti's

Memory capacity with nanotechnology:

Memory capacity with nanotechnology Users have a true mass storage 100 to 200 GB can be stored on a mid or long term Probe storage– uses no power than a flash memory card , but stores 100 times as many bits as storage. Molecular Memory-- uses molecular species as the data storage element, rather than e.g. circuits,

Sensors and accelerometers in mobile terminals:

Sensors and accelerometers in mobile terminals Seiko gyro Gas sensors ST accelerometer Accelerometers– Good UI, HDD protection, Navigation. Gyros—Image stabilization, gaming and Navigation Pressure sensors—Altimeters, Location, Position and directional sensing Gas sensors—environment and alcohol detection

Enriched way of communication with nanotechnology:

Enriched way of communication with nanotechnology

New opportunity with future mobile communication:

New opportunity with future mobile communication Low cost sensors New fabrication methods Thin and light mechanics Composite materials Bright , low power flexible displays. Low power ultra high mass memories

Nokia Nano Morph-Concept phone-movie file:

Nokia Nano Morph-Concept phone-movie file

Thank You :

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