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http://www.aviewturf.com.au/Turf_Care___Maintenance-9.htm - As Turf suppliers, we work towards informing our clients on care and maintenance of turf, to ensure a good quality service. Our turf Supply is great quality, but needs to be regularly maintained in order for the turf to stay healthy and fresh.


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Turf Care and Maintenance Once your new lawn has been layed , completely soak the area with water. Approximately 1 hour required. For best results water your lawn of an evening for approximately 20 minutes each day for the first week. There after water every second day for the next two weeks. Your lawn may brown off slightly due to stress, this will regain it's colour in 2 weeks with new grown and establishment of your lawn. Measuring and Ordering your Lawn Using a measuring tape, measure the widest length by the widest width in metres . The area is multiplied giving you the square metres needed for the area to be layed with your new lawn. ie - Length 10m, width 8m = 80 square metres .

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When to mow Your new lawn will generally need mowing 4 - 6 weeks after installation. The basic mowing rule is never to mow more than 10 - 15ml of the leaf blade during the establishment of your lawn. Mow when the grass reaches 6cm in height to keep a healthy well groomed lawn. Never leave heavy lawn clippings over your lawn, it will suffocate and kill the lawn. Traffic Caution Use your new lawn sparingly until good root establishment has taken place - this usually will take 2-3 weeks. Avoid heavy traffic or rough usage for the first four weeks.

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When to Fertilise After the 1st or 2nd mow you can fertilise your lawn if required, otherwise 4-6 weeks later. We recommend to fertilise your lawn at the end of May (Winter),and at the end of August.(Entering Spring). Shirleys 17 or Scotts lawn builder are both recommended lawn feeds. Always fertilise sparingly and evenly,as over fertilising can burn your lawn. A test patch in a corner of your yard is an ideal way of checking how much fertiliser your lawn requires, as results may vary depending on soil and weather conditions. Water without delay after fertilising to prevent the fertiliser burning your lawn. Remember 3 simple steps to maintain a healthy lush lawn - 1) Water 2) Fertilise 3) Mow. Tags: turf care , turf supply

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