Steps to Uninstall Avast Antivirus from Your Computer


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If you are using Avast Antivirus and wanted to uninstall from your Computer but not able to do by your self then you can follow the steps of our presentation. Visit:


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Steps to Uninstall Avast Anitvirus from Your Computer:

Steps to Uninstall Avast Anitvirus from Your Computer

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Step:1 First, Save you all valuable files like weblog, word and others. Step:2 Login your computer as system Administrator.

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Step:3 Here we are trying to uninstall Avast free Antivirus by standard method. Click window button on your keyboard and go to control panel. Select Uninstall the program

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Check the unwanted and outdated “ Avast Free Antivirus” (Currently installed program list). Here you can go for “Uninstall or Change”

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Choose the last option “Uninstall” from the following and click on the “ Continue ” button.

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You must continue by provided beloe “YES” button to uninstall Avast in 1 Minute.

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Wait for processing request.

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Press Uninstall Avast button to continue.

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Wait for seconds while the aforementioned Setup application is silently performing the regular yet safe uninstall process.

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You may need to do the “Complete survey” (Recommended) or directly shutdown the Avast . Uninstall free webpage after above steps.

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After that press “Restart computer” or choose “Restart Later” button on the said setup wizard below.

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Contact US In case you need additional support you can contact our Avast technical support helpline number 1-800-875-398 or visit our website for live chat support by our expert and highly skilled technicians.

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