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Looking to build your career in IoT industry? Then knowledge of IoT and IoT applications are indispensable for any software engineer. Avantika University’s Engineering Department has the separate unit of IoT. It’s Engineering College is one of the Top Engineering Colleges in MP. Avantika university is the part of reputed MAEER's MIT Pune. To know more details, visit us at:


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Applications of IoT in Different Industries:

Applications of IoT in Different Industries Avantika University, MP

Applications of IoT in different Industries:

Applications of IoT in different Industries Internet of Things ( IoT ) is a cutting-edge technology that is making waves in almost all industries. The technology has simplified the lives of people and paved way for organizational efficiency. It refers to a network of connected objects and things that interact with each other and share data without the need for human intervention.


This connected technology is revolutionizing various industries by automating most of their tasks, lessening the workload, augmenting their productivity, and enhancing their competitive edge. Some of its applications in different sectors include:


Manufacturing The manufacturing firms are making use of smart sensors and machine learning algorithms to make adjustments with the processes on the basis of data. The firms also perform data analytics to find loopholes in the system thereby improving the quality as well as productivity in the processes. The firms are even embracing predictive maintenance that helps in forecasting machine failures well before the time thereby enhancing the performance of machinery.

Supply Chain:

Supply Chain The IoT devices have incepted in the supply chain industry to enhance and streamline the process of supply chain management. Different firms exploit smart sensors to identify as well as reduce bottlenecks along the supply chain. This helps in reducing production costs and enhancing the efficiency of the supply chain. It even simplifies the shipping process and assists in arranging proper logistics.


Agriculture The sector of Agriculture has exponentially profited from the implementation of the Internet of Things. Various IoT devices and smart sensors are used in the agriculture sector to remotely control equipment and pumps; and to monitor the air quality, environment, soil profile and chemical levels. IoT is used in the greenhouses to respond to changes in temperature and humidity in real-time. Thus, the application of smart sensors and smart devices enhances the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the process.


Healthcare Internet of Things has the ability to offer useful insights into the healthcare sector that can enhance the quality of life of the patients and even save their lives. An array of biometric devices and smart devices can be used in hospitals to gain valuable information pertaining to the patients and to identify vital signs. IoT device allows the doctors and nurses to monitor all the patients.


It empowers the doctors to monitor a complete ward from his/her device’s screen. In this way, IoT devices offer holistic information pertaining to the health of the patients. It also helps in finding out the trends that can be exploited in medical intervention.


Energy The energy sector exploits intelligence-driven IoT technology to enhance the efficiency and functionality of the operations. Oil and gas companies exploit Iot enabled devices to find measurements along the drill lines. By doing so, companies can optimize their processes. Furthermore, there has been considerable growth in the adoption of smart energy grids that facilitate seamless communication between the consumers and grid to optimize resources. This, in turn, saves energy as well as carbon footprint thereby reducing the cost.


Wearables The market is flooded with an array of wearables. The range of innovative variables is not just confined to watches with fitness trackers. But nowadays, there are clothes, glasses as well as helmets that have the ability to track respiration rate, blood pressure, level of impact and many other factors. The wearables generate environmental and biometric data that facilitate in making smart decisions on the basis of accumulated information.


IoT has made a strong mark in almost all the industries. In the coming times, this technology will dominate all the sectors and give way for increased efficiency as well as productivity. Since the technology exhibit impressive capabilities, so businesses of all sizes are embracing the technology.


In such a scenario, knowledge of IoT and IoT applications are indispensable for any software engineer. That is why we have a separate unit emphasizing on IoT in our Computer Science and Engineering Course. The unit familiarizes the students with all the core concepts of this technology and gives them a competitive edge.


In the past, our students have been able to launch themselves successfully in the industry and today, all of them are acquiring decent positions in top companies.


So, if you want to enhance your knowledge, skills and employability by studying in the best college in Madhya Pradesh, then apply for admissions at Avantika University immediately!


Conclusion The engineering college of Avantika University is one of the top engineering colleges in MP. Avantika University is the part of reputed MAEER’s MIT Pune .