3D Printed Houses


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3D Printed Houses:

3D Printed Houses


Astonishingly, the construction industry has changed very little within the last 100 years. There have been a lot of construction marvels like taller skyscrapers reaching the heavens, longer and sturdier bridges connecting more cities, and other massive structures but not basic construction process, which stayed pretty much the same. But all of that might actually be changing very soon.


3-Dimensional (3D) Printing – a technology which originally has been within the realm of test and engineering labs, is currently making a name for itself in the field of construction and real estate. Moving away from laboratories, where the technology was hidden away from the masses for almost 20 years, and into construction sites. Within the last decade or so, engineering research teams have been experimenting and conducting tests using 3D printing to build materials for construction and has created a multitude of advanced and seemingly impossible creations. Like for instance, the design of the free-form structure, The Bird’s Nest stadium found in Beijing China.


And on March 29, 2014, WinSun - a Chinese construction firm, was successful in building and putting up 10 3D constructed dwellings, with each measuring 200-square-meters, in a single day, at a low cost of just $5 thousand per dwelling. And earlier this year, the construction firm took their advanced 3D printing construction a step beyond building single dwelling houses by building a five-floored residential apartment complex and an 1100-square-meter villa. Winsun stated that they utilized a complex industrial 3D printer that allowed the fabrication of the necessary building material in bulk at their facility, which were assembled on-site coupled with steel reinforcements and insulation


According to Winsun’s representatives, the 3D construction process allowed the company to save about 50% to 80% from their labor costs and reduced their production times by about 50% to 70%. With the use of 3D Printers Australia is also in the verge of attaining a great economic shift in its economy. Currently, the number of Australian architects, civil designers, and construction contractors who are now relying upon the use the latest 3D printing technology in creating construction models are rapidly increasing. And since with the use of 3D Printing, the ability to create and use non-standard shapes within an architect’s template broaden their options in pursuing a better suiting design that would fit the homeowner’s tastes without compromising structural integrity. 3D printing technology is slowly revolutionizing Australia’s construction industry, and gradually affecting the current pricing of realty due to a more affordable and less expensive process.


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