Positive Aspects of Swimming Pool Covers

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Automatic pool Enclosure 905-589-3000 70 East Beaver Creek Rd. Unit 30 Richmond Hill Ontario Canada L4B 3B2 infoautomaticpoolenclosure.com http://www.automaticpoolenclosure.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Coversinplay/ Positive Aspects of Swimming Pool Covers There are various types of pool covers available in the market. Every cover has its own positive as well as negative aspects. However it helps to keep away the dirt leaves and other types of debris from the swimming pool enclosures. Here are some of the Pros available that need to be discussed.  First of all it helps to increase the temperature of the pool. It is observed that there is a very real increase in the temperature in some exceptional cases which is about four degrees. Retractable pool cover plays an important role to save the money and energy as well while generating the similar enhancement through the gas or electric heaters. There is a positive relationship between the sunlight and temperature as more direct sunlight will enable to get the more temperature benefits.  Second thing is that pool enclosure reduces the consumption of chlorine. It is one of the best sanitizer for water whereas it degrades under the light of UV rays. The chlorinator uses less energy if you do have salt water pool.  Moving further it also reduces the evaporation. The loss of water is substantial due to evaporation. A floating retractable pool cover helps to eliminate the evaporation when the pool is not in use. Moreover there is no need to put the hose in the swimming pool to increase the level of water. In this way the water bill will definitely go down. In addition to this less wastage of water will be there. So these are major positive points that are required to be taken into consideration.

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