5 top reasons why Leaders should be Background Checked intensively


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Background Checking Business Leaders is very important. This presentation highlights top 5 instances that brought disgrace to business and ethical practices. Had the Background Check been done intensively in the first place, such instances could have been avoided. For more case studies visit www.authbridge.com


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Top reasons why Leaders should be Background Checked intensively :

Top reasons why Leaders should be Background Checked intensively 5

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Yahoo, CEO Could Yahoo have escaped this embarrassment? Scott Thompson lied about his computer Science degree which not only affected his hiring but also the official regulatory filings for the company. Embarrassing for the Company!

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RadioShack , CEO Could RadioShack have avoided this ? David Edmondson had lied about very serious records from his past, including his academic record and three DWI charges He resigned over questions raised on his resume!

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Bausch & Lomb, COO Could Bausch & Lomb have checked this before hiring? Ronald Zarrella falsely claimed an MBA from New York University's Stern School of Business

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AUB , Deputy CEO Could the bank have avoided this disgrace? Ahli United Bank Deputy CEO, Peter Gwinnell was convicted of fraud after falsely claiming he had degrees from Oxford and Harvard Gwinnell was handed a 50-week prison sentence suspended for 18 months after he admitted fraud

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Veritas Software , CFO Could Veritas have run a thorough background check ? Kenneth Lonchar fabricated his education - an accounting degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from Stanford Forced to resign!

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Yahoo could have escaped the embarrassment ! Radio Shack could have avoided this incident ! Bausch & Lomb could have checked this before hiring ! Ahli United Bank could have avoided this disgrace ! Veritas could have run a thorough background check ! YES!

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